Birch Paper Straws!

Incredibly happy right now. Look at the present Carina brought back to me from “over there”. Birch paper straws! Must have been made for me only. If I ever do a list with the greatest presents of the world, these ones would have a good chance to qualify in the top three.

You readers are not in to comment that much these days. Last post got 12 comments though (well one was from me). Too many steps I know. Seems easier in Instagram, more direct as you say. Yesterday I asked for help in a desperate post and got over 230 comments in just a couple of hours. Wow, Instagram sure is the shit. Don’t know why it took so long for me to realise that, although I was quick to get it a couple of weeks after it launched (important to me to state that). Anyway I got new glasses and I got the coolest straws in the world. Even if you too have good friends, maybe you don’t have that kind of a friend who realize the value of a birch paper straws present. So get them yourself here.

Pics above, Carina apartment, Carina cuties

London Tube Map Font by Yuri Suzuki


38 Responses to Birch Paper Straws!

  1. Niina says:

    Hello! I just had to comment – I really love your blog!! Your pictures,your style and your home&cottage are all so beautiful..oh.

    But I’ve noticed the same thing with comments and it’s quite sad. I don’t keep my blog because I want comments but they’re always so nice to read and it feels great to have some feedback. But I can’t blame anyone as I’m also very lazy to leave commets – or well,actually just too busy. Istagram is taking over on blogs I guess..I’m there too but I (hope I) won’t stop blogging.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi Niina, nice to hear from you. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy visiting. I agree, it is nice with feedback. But I do understand why people (including myself) don’t take the time. Time is a scarce.

  2. rike says:

    oh, i’m out. i don’t even have a smartphone cause i’m afraid i couldn’t handle more internet-distraction. so i think i like to push the pause button those days and take some time for an oldschool blog-comment like this ;)

  3. Helloo, hello, I would leave more comments. You know I love your work so much. Its just I guess time is short and you do always seem to get lots. I have a bit of low self esteem I think! I will comment more and yes those straws are fantastic. Drinking a Mohito with one would be nice! Jxx

  4. Malin says:

    sån himla fin present!

  5. Polly says:

    Wow the paper straws are so good! Your right Instagram is so easy, I love it for that. Some how comments here take time but it’s still good to find an hour to read favourite blogs and leave a comment or two. I’m glad you picked the left specs!

  6. Victoria says:

    Hi there! Following you for… is it possible seven years or so??? putting poetry in my life every day, how could I pay it? you made with laugh a lot with your instagram post, you smarty person! Don’t desesperate, you’ll find the way! We need some smart person like you with us, in the world! writing to you from Spain, where (intelligent) humour is not our best today.

  7. Delphine says:

    whaaaa! cool straws and cool shoes!!
    i’m resisting instagram :/

  8. Nalle says:

    Those straws goes great with a birch vase.
    I loved the photo of your cat in the previous post!
    (& the mobile link!)

  9. bmo says:

    jag skulle dricka nypressad blodapelsin ur de där allra som finaste sugrören…
    tittar på dina härliga instagrambilder…har på nåt vis lyckats få dom i min mail, men är så urbota oteknisk så jag fattar inte hur man kommenterar…”en” ska kanske vara inloggad nånstans?
    men tycker annars att bloggar , och i synnerhet din är trivsamt och givande och inte så bråttomartat som andra social medier…

    • Elisabeth says:

      Du verkar vara mer teknisk än jag BMO. Visste inte att man kunde mail-prenumerera på Instagramflöden. För att kunna kommentera så ska man ha ett Instagramkonto själv, det är allt jag vet typ.

      Passar på att säga tack detsamma, här har du en som uppskattar att kika in hos dig

  10. Afke Spies says:

    I just want to say great straws! they are a beauty.

  11. Kolfinna says:

    Hi,I have read your blog for years and I always enjoy it so much.
    I have been thinking about the exact same thing, no one seems to leave a comment anymore but since I don’t have instagram I continue slow blogging and comment on other blogs;)

  12. Helenb says:

    okay to be honest sometimes it gets to point where content of posts (and Im not necessarily saying yours!) just become posts about stuff. When I say stuff I mean things that can only be commented on in certain ways such as nice this…..lovely that….love this…. like that…. A lot of blog posts these days just dont inspire commenting.
    If you visit a block of blogs in one go it gets really repetitive loving and liking stuff. So whilst they are enjoyable to engage with they dont really make you feel like you have anything worthwhile to contribute to the otherwise dare I say shallow seas of oohing and aahing.
    I guess its about getting the balance right because here this post inspired me and others to voice our opinions and contribute to the dialogue in an honest way.

    Just my thoughts…. :)

  13. Jess says:

    love those straws! And yes blogging and commenting sure has changed on my last two past I got a total of one comment and no commment on the second post. It’s very disheartening when you put the work into it and your heart too sometimes.
    And I agree its completely different on Instagram, with comments and favourites galore!!

  14. henna says:

    looks cute !

  15. lisen says:

    fin present!!

  16. Louise says:

    Isn’t it great when the right person who knows you so well just spots the BEST present?! That another person might not have noticed… they are pretty darn cool, almost too good to use I bet!

  17. mieke verbijlen says:

    haha, we talk about that too! blogger should install a ‘like’ button, it would work pretty well and is so much faster than to write something. it is true that people often don’t know what to write anymore. you can’t always write: “so nice, so beautiful,…” even if you think so. but a nice comment can still make me very happy, and i do miss it sometimes too…

    love your new glasses by the way!

    • Helenb says:

      thats a great idea
      because it lets the blog author know there has been visits and to get some sort of direction in a form of feedback but doesnt necessarily need the actual commenting. Its why I like pinterest and twitter. They have multilevel interaction you can comment if you have something to say which is like a conversation or you can like a pin or tweet which is like smiling an acknowledgement without stopping for a conversation. Does this make sense? :)

  18. Crystine says:

    O! There you are! How fun to see so many photos. Well, if I had a friend to buy me a surprise gift it would be the spectacular, “The Forest” poster. Goodness. To have such friends!
    Nice specs. I too just have a new pair. If I was so techy I might send a photo but alas, I lack a bit there.
    Have a lovely day!

  19. Malin Bohm says:

    Det där var minsann de finaste sugrör jag sett. Perfekt för picknick i skogen. Vet du om det går att köpa någonstans över internet eller gäller det att ha kontakter?

  20. Hello

    the straws are great and so are your new glasses but most of all I want to know more about your leopard print trainers!

  21. Sara says:

    isn’t that funny, I don’t migrate to instagram b/c I can’t add one more thing in.. and I was wondering why you didn’t update your posts recently (although I do love what you post). .. and I liked the glasses on the right! Maybe when you have a big instagram decision you can alert us over here as well.. you have SO MANY FOLLOWERS over there.. I don’t know how people have time to look at so much! Keep up the good work, I’m sure you know what to do..

    • Elisabeth says:

      Hi Sara, yes I should do that. Alert when something’s going on there. Thanks for your comment!

  22. Anuschka Seiffert says:

    Hej you! Seems that you are a birch fan ;-) I just saw something for you….

    Have a beautiful day, love from Järna

  23. nath says:

    hallo elisabeth
    been a while, eh? just wanted to say H A L L O and that things look as beautiful and calm in these parts as much as they ever did. ( also i have the same sneakers as your pal Carina)

    love from Nath xx

  24. cute post. love those birch straws!

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