Only yesterday

So what would I like to say with these photos? Well, only that this was my yesterday. A slow day. The cat and I slept long in the morning, then rest some in the sofa. Did a bit of laundry and started reading a new book.

I was interviewed in in the Danish online magazine Keiki (page 79-81). Now and then-questions. I never remember any names of favorites films when someone is asking. Today I remembered one though. This one, the only VHS movie I couldn’t get rid off even if it was several years ago we owned a VHS player, En kärlekshistoria, by Roy Andersson.

Alex Palenski seems to have made new mobiles.


12 Responses to Only yesterday

  1. Helenb says:

    Oh those lazy days so enjoyable….I love ‘singing’ Hiro is he a tenor or a bass?

    The book looks interesting too!

    Enjoy your down time


  2. Francesca says:

    I too can never remember any of my favorite things when asked, and the names only come to mind too late! :)

  3. freckleface says:

    Hello Hiro! You look like you have a little nest.

  4. Louise says:

    Hiro must have loved that day with you. Owner reading + not leaving the house = very happy cat. xolj

  5. gretchen says:

    Hiro’s smile is beautiful! My friend has also Cornish Rex and it has quite unique voice…everybody is imitating her even though we know it’s a little bit silly…lazy days are the best and everybody should have them. Enjoy.

  6. slow days are good :) january is a slow month. it feels nice :)

  7. lena says:

    I love your cat! :)

  8. Charlyn says:

    What a lovely and cozy day you had, E!

    Yes, I still really need to watch that movie!!!!! :O

  9. Delphine says:

    it’s a great way of presenting your day!! and your cat looks so funny :D

  10. naa says:

    your slow day looks really nice…
    I have a slow week because of a cold but it is not the same as if I would choose to have a slow and quiet day. :))
    Have a nice weekend!*

  11. Julia.B says:

    J’ai aussi toujours du mal à répondre à cette question… Belle journée

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