Johannes Nyholm

I’m kind of swept away after meeting one of Sweden’s most talented, contemporary artists in his studio here in Gothenburg, Sweden today – Johannes Nyholm.
2013 has started well.

Johannes Nyholm is an artist and film director who’s work are presented in a wide range of forums. I’m sure you have seen, or heard of the trailer Las Palmas for example (16.8 million views on Youtube as of this writing). In the main role, as a middle aged lady (and drunk, disturbing tourist) is Johannes’s 21-month-old daughter.

Had a lot of laughs watching the FULL MOVIE during the holidays. Hanging above, one of the characters in the bar.

Johannes has previously made a bunch of music videos for bands such as The Knife, Little Dragon and The Tallest Man on Earth. In my hand above, the mini gitar from the great video The Tallest Man on Earth – It will Follow the Rain.

Johannes is also famous for the short claymation films The Tale of Puppetboy.
“A very lo-fi and raw claymation about a nervous clay figure named Puppetboy. The style is very hands on, DIY, but with a precise touch of facial expressions and tense atmosphere. A combination of slap stick and romantic, erotic drama.” (IMDb).

I actually held the clay puppet boy in my hands today, yes! Gosh.

This Christmas the short film Puppetboy (Dockpojken) appeared on Youtube, the best Christmas present. A half hour live action short film about an obsessed animator and a film crew doing a documentary on him (Johannes). The movie has received a lot of awards at festivals around the world.

The super nice shadow puppet play Dreams from The Woods is a nine minutes of fragile shadowplay about love and sorrow, featuring the Girl, the Bird and Death. Watch the full movie here.

I do like the concept of being able to support an artist by buying the possibility to see a treasure as a whole. And all for a small amount ($1.99 / 1 Euro / 10 kr). Maybe artists can feed on what they do in greater extent in the future.


9 Responses to Johannes Nyholm

  1. Charlyn says:

    Lucky you! I’m a big fan of his!
    Lucky him! I’m a big fan of yours!

    Happy New Year dear E! xoxo

  2. marie-louise says:

    jaa du Elisabeth, så mycket kul det finns:) Och dockor, bygga olika grejer, animationer,uttryck som tar i hjärtat!

  3. mieke verbijlen says:

    yes! lucky you!!!
    nice work!

    ps: i finally found a way to add some instagram photos from you on my fffound, i love them so much! i laos love the photo of you and your husband! so pretty!!!

  4. aron says:


  5. evie says:

    happy 2013 elisabeth! what a start. thank you so much for sharing this post and all of these links. i am enjoying everything here so much! yay! : )

  6. Elisabeth says:

    Happy 2013 :)!

  7. Jennifer says:

    My ~ I’ve seen a number of his pieces of work and never realised that they were all the same person! I’d really like to watch Las Palmas now. Lovely to see inside his studio, I love all his puppets.

  8. Erin says:

    Oh what a lovely video- and the music is so moving!!! Thanks for sharing.

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