Happy New Year!

Houses become tipis and the horse rockets. The patterns in this post is the outcome of o n e photo of a painting – this one. The app is called Kaleidomatic. And it is addictive.

Wish all of you a good coming new year full of smiling faces and sweet moments. Thank you for visiting this place, I’m so very greatful for having you here! Welcome 2013 and welcome new adventures.


20 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Francesca says:

    happy new year, elisabeth!

  2. Happy 2013 Elisabeth, I am happy to visit here too!

  3. Ps: went to see the original drawing, amazing application! how many beautiful pattern from just one drawing :-))

  4. marie-louise says:

    Elisabeth, vilka grejer det finns, nu blev jag stum…
    Gott Nytt igen:)

  5. Maja says:

    Happy new year to you and your family. Happy to follow your blog. I love it.

  6. Agata says:

    All best for New Year 2013! I’m happy to have you here too ! :-)

  7. Sara says:

    what a beautiful series! And happiest new year to you and your family, and thank you for another inspiring year of your blogging!

  8. Happy New Year Elisabeth! Thankyou for your inspiring words and pictures, have a happy 2013!

  9. hanna says:

    Many happy things and thoughts for 2013 Elisabeth! And thanks for the past year with the company of your lovely blog :-)

  10. Maria says:

    Gott nytt år! Tack för fin blogg det här året =) Har njutit av varje inlägg.

  11. Chez Chouke says:

    Happy newyear to you too!

  12. Wonderful, Elisabeth. Have an amazing year!

  13. Claire Loder says:

    hap-hap-happy new year! Thanks for lovely things here all year long…and the promise of more in 2013

    {this is fab…I’m off to try it!}

  14. mieke verbijlen says:

    happy new year to you and your family!!

  15. trula says:

    Happy new year and thank you for the tip. Addictive, indeed.

  16. Julia.B says:

    Une très belle année, pleine de poésie, de douceur… Bonne santé

  17. Jess says:

    Happy New Year Elisabeth! thank you for a wonderful year of inspiration and wonderfulness xo

  18. Happy 2013 to you, too – and thank you for your inspiring blog!

  19. Mimmi Torsson says:

    nu har jag inte varit inne på din blog sedan före jul men det känns fantastiskt och inspirerande att komma tillbaka. Vackra bilder och intressanta länkar som leder mig vidare till sådant jag aldrig hittat själv. Stort tack! Och gott nytt år!
    med vänlig Hälsning Mimmi Torsson

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