Hilda Hellström

Sometimes you get lucky. Yesterday Fine Little Day crew were out and celebrated the coming holiday. Next to me this young woman sat down. Turned out to be the very talanted Hilda Hellström. I’ve been browsing her webpage all morning.

Hilda Hellström is a Swedish designer who has an interesting way of combine art and design with a focus on the process and thoughts behind the result.

“Hellström explores the notion of myth and narrative that inhabit objects and is preoccupied with things that shock us and situations that elevate the soul. She describes herself as an analytic craftswoman, having been influenced from a young age by both her phychoanalyst mother and carpenting father.”

Above, Copy Kitchen The Sausage Machine.

Above 2, food storage jars made of radioactive earth from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster area in Japan. Hilda contacted the last person still living inside the evacuation zone, Naoto Matsumura, and collected soil from his rice fields that can’t be farmed due to contamination. More at Dezeen.


4 Responses to Hilda Hellström

  1. Rachel says:

    great! love the candle stick! thanks :-)

  2. Very strong. Thank you for sharing.

  3. bmo says:

    vilken spännande ny bekantskap…tack…

  4. Hazel Stark says:

    Love her work, been following since seeing a RCA show. Great us of materials

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