Stella McCartney Kids: 12 Days of Gifting + Giving

I’m very glad to tell you that Fine Little Day as one of four blogs in the world, has been chosen to participate in Stella McCartney Kids Twelve Days of Gifting + Giving series. Four bloggers from different parts of the world will each share 3 gift ideas, for a baby, girl and boy. I’m the third blogger in this series and will be sharing my picks today, tomorrow and on Friday. The 4th blogger will finish up on the 24th.

**For the first gift idea (for baby) my little friend Evander came over to try out the organic cotton cashmere booties with fox face – Brambles Booties Luckily Evander said yes, indeed he like.

I’m also glad to tell you that I’ve been asked to choose a charity organization that Stella McCartney Kids will be sending hundreds of children’s clothing items to. My choice of charity is the Swedish help organization Erikshjälpen.

There story about Erikshjälpen is about this man, Erik who spent a lot of time in the hospital when he was a kid. As a grown up Erik started the organization by sending letters and gifts to children that just like him self got to spend a lot of time in hospital. By supporting education, livelihood, and health care, Erikshjälpen help children and young people around the world to dare to dream about the future.

The other blogs who participates in the Twelve Days of Gifting + Giving series:
Le Funky Mamas
Kenzie Poo

Follow the series on Stella McCartney Kids Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
(Will be posting some pics on my Instagram as well)


6 Responses to Stella McCartney Kids: 12 Days of Gifting + Giving

  1. erika says:

    wow, congratulations! So cool! Lovely booties & Baby

  2. Melanie K. says:

    Great news!! And happy holidays, too. :•)

  3. fliss says:

    How cute are those booties and babe.
    I really like how you are able to choose a charity for the clothing to go to. Wonderful work from both you Elisabeth and Stella McCartney. X

  4. bmo says:

    Kul…du är duktig du!

  5. Claire Loder says:

    Congratulations Elisabeth – this is all great stuff!!!

  6. Pernilla Sanden-hussey says:

    Underbara bilder. You do the collection justice Elisabeth. grattis!

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