A gingerbread house

This year in the shape of my parents in law’s house. See a glimpse of the house here (gosh Hiro was thin then). Indoor glimpse 2 here.

Last year we made gingerbread copy of our country house. One year we did a Moomin gingerbread house. Did you made one yet?

Happy to see my Gran pillow case included in the Holiday Gift Guide: For the Scandinavians at Remodelista.


9 Responses to A gingerbread house

  1. Inger Marie says:

    Love all of your gingerbread houses! We don’t make houses, but we make Lucia brides :) Maybe next year a house.

  2. Saskia says:

    I have only eyes for your great red candle holder.

  3. minna says:

    I love that wallpaper.

  4. Liz says:

    no oven this year, but one day I will make one!

    I’m very impressed!

  5. Jess says:

    I love all your houses!

  6. Simone says:

    Ugh, what do you use to glue it all together? Because we still have trauma’s thinking about the boiling hot caramel we used when we tried this out with the houses you can buy at ikea. Very dangerous. They look beautiful (and tempting me to give it another go). Have a wonderful day!!!

  7. next year I will make a gingerbread house

  8. lianne says:

    so funny…i finally have the time to catch up on your blogposts…i ask my little girl what she would like to bake today…she shows me a gingerbread house in her kiddy cookbook….and at the same time i am looking at this blogpost…mjam, gingerbread house it is then today

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