Friday and December

I’ve been here and there the past days. December is, as you know a bit hectic month. Stupid. December should be calm. We have sunshine in Gothenburg today. It’s very cold, but nice!

Anyway I wanted to tell you that the Gran blankets with grey border is back in stock again. And that I think that you should take a look at the nice news in Andrew‘s Miscellaneous Adventures Shop.


8 Responses to Friday and December

  1. deborah says:

    Love the ‘cute’ photo in the tram :-)
    Have a great weekend Elisabeth.

  2. Christine says:

    I´ve also a very hectic December..that´s VERY stupid..but we have snow and I love it..take care and take your everyday timeout..

  3. Claire Loder says:

    Thanks for the post about Andrew – that’s a nice discovery!

  4. Kylie says:

    Love these photos :) Those blankets are so cute. Kx

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