Fine Little Day Shop news 2 – The Forest Poster

My friend Cecilia Pettersson is an amazing illustrator and artist. I’m very glad to tell you that her pattern The Forest now is available as an offset printed 50×70 cm poster in the Fine Little Day Shop.

(The bag.)


5 Responses to Fine Little Day Shop news 2 – The Forest Poster

  1. Charlyn says:

    I love both this poster and Otto’s!!!! :O :O :O


  2. This poster is perfection. I ADORE it! I shared it on my blog today (with full credit, of course), I hope that’s ok! Love love love all things Fine Little Day :)

  3. Louise says:

    Wow, it’s so intricate! So complex and beautiful.

  4. Kylie says:

    It’s so beautiful! Just gorgeous :) Kx

  5. I see a sneaky Christmas tree appearing is it the beginning? I love all of the birch themed items you have shown here.

    We grow birches in here in Oz but sadly with the drought a lot of birch trees are being cut down as they are low drought tolerant.

    I guess this is a good way to get some birchiness in ones life if you are living in a nogo birch area.

    Helen :)

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