Lille Nord

Lille Nord is a new online magazine for trendy parents and children alike with a love for everything Scandinavian. Our mission is to inspire our readers and show them the best from The North. Featuring a range of upcoming and established, Scandinavian designers, artists, illustrators, fun DIY projects and inspiration to your home, party and cooking – we guide you to easy recipes and creative ideas you can do together with your children. We want to inspire the creative and maybe not so creative urban parent on how to add a creative perspective to their life with children and serve it with the certain Scandinavian aesthetic.” See the first issue here!


New art-print “Sleeping Monkey” by danish artist Lisa Grue.


2 Responses to Lille Nord

  1. prentje says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing…

  2. lingonsmak says:

    like it so much – thank you for showing! (just tried to make very small mags – my lingonmags, to fold for pocket :), last issue about golden things, maybe you like it, too …) best wishes, k

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