Fabriken 1

This nice shop Fabriken (not far from my studio) just celebrated their two years anniversary. I visited it for the first time today. How could I have missed this pearl?

The shop manager “Greta” who visited Mogu’s show a couple of weeks ago is a Basset, or would it be more correct to call her a Sausage dog?

I’m winning this bid. In my dreams.


11 Responses to Fabriken 1

  1. Mihaeko says:

    The shoes hanging up…reminds me of Brooklyn. Do you have shoes hanging from electrical cables?

  2. Merja says:

    You seem to have many pearls there in Göteborg. Some day, I must come and visit, my uncle lives there.

  3. Kylie says:

    Great find! Can’t wait to visit next year! :) Kx

  4. rike says:

    and again a beautiful monstera! they ‘stalk’ me and i love it ;)


  5. Jane says:

    Greta looks like she has a bit of Border Terrier in her heritage to me!

    Lovely shop.

  6. Charlyn says:

    I think this might be heaven!





  7. gretchen says:

    Lovely shop! Like to visit there. Thanks for sharing.

  8. vantiani says:

    Oh this is one stunning shop!
    I could totally go crazy in it! Haha!

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