Children’s book 10 – KLOT-NALLE

Will you mangage more children’s books? This one “Klot-Nalle”, written by Josef Menzel, has pictures by Czech Jiří Trnka. Jiří was a puppet maker, motion-picture animator, film director and illustrator. There is a bunch of nice You Tubes out there if you are interested. “Most of his movies were intended for adults, and many of them were adaptations of literary works of Czech authors or foreigners. Because of his influence in animation, he was called “the Walt Disney of Eastern Europe”.

Visited Gothenburgs best playground yesterday.


4 Responses to Children’s book 10 – KLOT-NALLE

  1. anne says:

    what a beautiful cover!
    I love children book and I love vintage children book even more, they’re little treasures!

  2. Marielle says:

    I love looking through children books. I also would love to illustrate one one day :)

  3. Thanks for sharing another children’s book! The Klot-Nalle book has a pretty neat style.

    The Gothenburg playground photos are neat! I like the long, long slide. And the whale reminds me of an article I just read about the Plesiosuchus, a prehistoric, 7 meter long crocodile!

  4. Saskia says:

    You have such a great collection of children’s books! They are all little treasures. The ones by Menzel/Trnka were very popular in Germany. Here the bear calls “Mischa Kugelrund” :)

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