Last weekend

Those of you who follow me at Instagram maybe got a glimpse of my trip to Gotland last weekend. I was there to meet a bunch of old friends of mine. Gotland sure is a completely different experience than the rest of Sweden. Magical.

Cafe Kutens, Furillen, Blå lagunen and the rauks at Fårö. Wish to come back soon. Tomorrow, leaving again. This time to Stockholm. Will meet this lovely lady, among other things.

Birch shirt by Emma Dahlqvist.


13 Responses to Last weekend

  1. Merja says:

    Gotland would be so lovely to see some day.

  2. Amielle says:

    It looks like it was a lovely visit. :)

  3. marie-louise says:

    Nämen Elisabeth, såg liksom direkt något jag kände igen, men tänkte att det var likt – men så var det ju Kutens – är det fint eller?!
    Du vet att vi hänger i Fårösund, så vi kan liksom cykla dit…

  4. deborah says:

    See you soon xxx

  5. Kylie says:

    These photos are so fabulous! Glad you had so much fun :) Kx

  6. I love the Gotland images they have an otherworldly look to them and that Birch shirt is pretty fine too!

    Have a great day!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I really want to visit Sweden one day ~ it looks like an interesting place.

  8. Charlyn W says:

    Gotland looks magical indeed!

    I thought of you when I saw this and this today.

    Hope you like them! Enjoy! :)

  9. Jasmin says:

    I was thinking of visiting Gotland during my trip to Sweden in two weeks, so I take your post as a sign, thank you :) It really does look magical.

  10. Artbash says:

    Magical indeed. Those photos are stunning.

  11. Rosa Maria says:

    Oh my god !!! so beautiful !!
    Sweeden is the best !!!!
    Thanks for your photos.
    Rosa Maria

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