Perfect things

I love browsing the Scott Estepp Gallery, always well curated. Look at the Dumbo Wheel Barell, how perfect.

Petite Barnyard Target.


Tool display.

Early Dovecote ala “Bart”
Hypnotic Scooter
Blue Eyed Cat


6 Responses to Perfect things

  1. Charlyn W says:

    Wonderful collection!

    I’m still grinning at the Early Dovecote ala “Bart”…….ahhahahaaa


  2. Jess says:


  3. bmo says:

    underbara saker att njuta av en sån här regnmuggig dag…

  4. Inger Marie says:

    wow – what a fantastic site!

  5. Amielle says:

    That tool display is minimal and wonderful.

  6. MUS says:

    a tool hanging display board is always kind of funny… but i like this one a lot!

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