Wading in Anemone nemorosa, wildly.

Moéle Puisance and Pascal Tessier, via Jérémy Naklé.


22 Responses to Spring

  1. Kylie says:

    Just beautiful! So lovely to have this time together :) K

  2. Felicity says:

    All those blossoms- looks like a fairy tale.

  3. Sara-Vide says:

    Fin blogg! Kul att jag hittat hit! /Sara-Vide, konstnär

  4. Julia says:

    Åh. vad fint!

  5. valentina says:

    The pictures made me gasp. It is interesting to see those flowers blooming outside of where I'm used to seeing them. However, here in Switzerland, they have wilted a while ago already. As I'm very fond of "Buschwindroesli", thank you.

  6. Milady Productions says:

    gasp – okay, those pictures just took my breath away! are these woods close to your apartment?! so beautiful, so magical. what fun!

  7. Fine Little Day says:

    Milady Productions, yes this forest is very close to our home, actually it is in our neighboorhood. So nice to be able to strawl in the forest even if we live close to the center of the city.

  8. Kate Kelleher Blue Sky Butterfly Studio says:

    You are a lucky lady on so many levels!
    Oh and Joanna’s sequins are wonderful, I am envious. Everyone needs a little sparkle in their home.

  9. la casita says:

    beautiful place!

  10. Olly says:

    Oh what beautiful photos! They make me dream :-)

  11. teddybearswednesday says:

    Just beautiful ! What a lovely way to spend a day

  12. Ebba Erikzon says:

    Vad vackert! Saknar Sverige när jag ser dessa bilder!

  13. Megan says:

    These photos are gorgeous! Looks like lots of fun too.

  14. Milady Productions says:

    Elisabeth, you truly have the best of both worlds…to have those woods so close to your city life!
    im jealous!

  15. Duermevela says:

    I remember taking daysis with my mum too, and I loved too. Those little moments are just perfect. (And that photos are lovely)

  16. Maria says:

    åh så vackert med så många vitsippor!!

  17. Ashley mo says:

    Just so natural stroy,

  18. Jane Flanagan says:

    Very beautiful!

  19. melissa says:

    these photos are so very beautiful. i love them. happy spring!

  20. Make it Easy says:

    WOW pretty flowers! i have never seen those before!

  21. radzimire says:

    I just posted same flowers on my blog, mine lives in the middle of France. Nice!

  22. sammy and glenn: pacha design says:

    we love anemones, especially these little ones that grow in the woods. we have them growing in the woods here where we live but we've never seen this many!

    beautiful pictures.

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