Healthy food

Make no mistake, I eat just about everything as long as it is vegetarian food. I do prefer healthy stuff though. And I’m trying to stop feeding myself accidentally. No complicated stuff. If I can I choose food with energy for a longer period. The dish above has become a favorite. Zucchini pasta is super easy to cook. Clean and cut the zucchini into long thin “spaghetti” slices using a vegetable peeler or cheese slicer. Cook the slices in slightly salted water for about 10 seconds.

I pour a little cream and soy sauce and eat it with fried Quorn, salad, freshly grated black pepper and Parmensan cheese. Try it it’s tasty, and healthy.


Bougth a present today which lies in a good looking bag with a good looking logo.


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  1. Helen says:

    Looks interesting and good. Have to try it! Seems simple to make as well.

  2. Inger Marie says:

    mmmm – I must try the zucchini spaghetti! I’m a vegetarian as well and always in search of new ways to prepare my vegetables.

  3. Good idea! I will try that! :)
    /Nina-little perky

  4. Simone says:

    Hi Elisabeth;

    For great vegetarian recipes look at:
    Very delicious.

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  5. Simone says:

    P.S. Wow what an interesting dish!!!

  6. lisen says:

    mums! fastnade här igår:
    vill smaka på alllllt!

  7. henriette says:

    lovely blog you have here :)

    come back soon.

  8. Louise says:

    I like courgette ‘spaghetti’ very much! I fry mine with garlic (not so healthy)…

  9. duermevela says:

    oh! zucchini like spaghetti is something I eat a lot! but I just cook them grilled with some garlic. I’ll try your way!

  10. Helenb says:

    That Quorn looks interesting its available in Australia Im going to look for it in my supermarket.

    The wrapping of that present is nicely done I love a well wrapped present.

    Have a good day cheers Helenb :)

    PS: I love the banana in the porridge and have taken to adding shredded coconut as well which gives it a tropical slant.

  11. sounds good!
    (ps: we’ll probably come to sweden from the 5th of july, will let you know more details when we booked it! yay!)

  12. Annie says:

    Tried this yesterday with steamed patty pan squash, asparagus and a homemade thick tomato sauce. Fabulous. And so easy. Now passed this link to a friend so your fame grows!

  13. Elisabeth says:

    Asparagus and tomato sauce, sounds great. I’ll try that thanks!

  14. alice says:

    Swedish are so good with those cheese slicers (I have one only because have Swedish sister-in-law!) Nearly sliced my finger but it was worth it – used my old favourite pesto as couldn’t remember what dressing you suggested – soy and cream, eh! Will try next time

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