Patchwork and Kilim rugs

The Swedish auction site Lauritz has the most beautiful rugs. Good inspiration for Anna and me who will start working with new rugs for House of Rym soon. Did I tell you that our handmade ones are out there now. The machine made ones are still to come though. Things are always taking longer time than expected don’t they.

Find more photos of these treasures here, here, here and here. This, this and this one is also nice. More rug inspiration at Pineterest.

Alice Bernardo amazing Pinterest.


7 Responses to Patchwork and Kilim rugs

  1. Steffie says:

    Oh Elisabeth ! Your tiger is so beautiful ! Congratulation! You can be proud of it.

  2. Amielle says:

    I love all the colours and the patterns.So homey and cheerful!

  3. Such beauty.. Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

  4. Kristiina says:

    Cool! This could be done with other colorful rugs..old IKEA-rugs for example…great stuff this!

  5. Kylie says:

    They are amazing! What a wonderful resource :) Kx

  6. emma says:

    YEY! hämtade en randig ny kelim igår som jag beställt, och väntat på… länge. matt-tanten visade några patchwork-kelimer som var gigantiska och sååå fina. mums!

  7. Amor says:

    love love this rugs!

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