The cat is growing. He he owns this place now, not at all shy for us.

Top painting by dear Moa Hoff. We love our kitchen towel from Kauniste,
illustrated by Matti Pikkujämsä (remember my favorite book). I’ve got a
new book by him (thank you once more M & H), I’ll show it here soon.

Lost Things.

Turn your blog into a book. Thanks Rebecca.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet.


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  1. Lovely World says:

    So many nice photos, to hard to choose my favorite! Love the little baskets, and the cat of course is very dear. A nice start to the week and new month.

  2. our little love nest says:

    The painting is wonderful!! I love the baskets and the fluffy cloud above the girls and your cat is too adorable! xo

  3. geri says:

    first time reader of your blog and love it. where did you get those great beaded baskets?

  4. Fine Little Day says:

    Welcome Geri. The baskets are all found at different fleas.

  5. Hege Evensen says:

    så nydelige farger i bildene!

  6. when skies are grey says:

    great shots!
    Your cat is sooo cute and I love that painting, it's great!

  7. Yanyan says:

    Happy Monday!

  8. Lasso the Moon says:

    I love the painting. And the little cloud on the wall–so sweet.

  9. A Day That is Dessert says:

    Congrats on your kitten! Also I'm glad to see you had such a fun ski trip recently (I'm catching up on your blog). We also took our kids downhill skiing for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

  10. Christina Song says:

    wonderful photos!

  11. Letter Paper Flower says:

    How is it possible that you always have such lovely, previously unseen corners of your home??? I love the painting! And, I'm a little obsessed with Hiro :)

  12. Olly says:

    who is the puppet? he looks like a fun little character.

  13. Fine Little Day says:

    Olly, an old papier mache puppet. We were just talking about making some new once soon.

  14. Jenea says:

    Beautifull things! Video is super duper!

  15. Kate Kelleher Blue Sky Butterfly Studio says:

    I love your painting, all the people look like they would be the type of person you would hope to have fun with at a party.
    Hiro is so lovely I can see why you are all smitten. Do the kids dress him up?
    I also love the puppet, someone has patience and creativity.

  16. Sakletarn says:

    Så mycket fint! Jag gillar dina pärlkorgar ;) och planchen är ju fantastisk. Säljer hon sin plansch, Moa?

  17. Fine Little Day says:

    Sakletarn, hon gjorde det iallafall. Jag är inte säker på att hon har någon kvar nu (köpte min förra året), men prova att maila henne. Den är verkligen superfin.

  18. teddybearswednesday says:

    Gorgeous as usual Elisabeth. the painting is beautiful, but who made that puppet? It's spectacular!

  19. Fine Little Day says:

    teddybearswednesday, Otto made :)

  20. schorlemädchen says:

    what a great painting..and your cat is just adorable

  21. sunkentreasure says:

    Great photos! I have to many baskets at home, lots of the Mieke Willems shop, they are sooo nice!
    have a great week!

  22. denitsa says:

    i love your blog…there's nothing like it…:)
    thank you again for the positivity and beauty. it makes my days…;)

  23. Louise says:

    your home looks so lovely and cosy, especially with the addition of the cat. Glad to hear he's getting a bit braver!

  24. Kylie says:

    Love this poster and the photo of your daughter with her friend is just so precious! :) K

  25. Erin says:

    I love that sweet little aphgan and cloud. How lovely.

    Congrats on your new addition. :)

  26. jenna says:

    i just adore kauniste! and i don't think i congratulated you on your newest family member, so of course congratulations! hope you're well, elisabeth! :)

  27. Ashley mo says:

    Wow, I can see that hiro's comfortable mind totally- so cute!
    Thank u introduce lovely music video, it's also unique :)
    Oh, on the wall it just cloud fabric something right? It makes the wall more beautiful and lovely interior!

  28. mieke willems says:

    really like the poster!

  29. sara says:

    för lite kattbilder härinne;)

  30. .girl ferment. says:

    i love rex cats
    he is gorgeous

  31. .naa. says:

    oh I love the animation in your link… the actress in it is a singer Alison Sudol/Fine Frenzy and I really like her music!
    I haven't welcomed your Hiro yet… (HI CUTIE!) he is so handsome!
    And I love the poster on your wall!

    Wish you a lovely evening,*

  32. Doda says:

    What lovely pictures. BTW, where did you get that lovely wallpaper in the background?

  33. Fine Little Day says:

    Doda, thanks! The wallpaper is from Sandberg Tapeter:

  34. Ali B. says:

    that looks to be the softest-fine haired kitty EVER! i want to snuggle it up! :)

  35. texassky says:

    Have you ever noticed that your cat is missing something?

    hehe. jk.

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