Tuff och Tuss

Swedish comics from the 50´s.

I never had an animal when I was a kid, and I really didin’t know much about cats before we got Hiro. Read a couple of books and browsed facts on the net, but the real learning is now when he’s here. I’m amazed, I mean 12 weeks old and he he knows where to find the cat box after we just showed him once.

Clicker training for cats, I’m becoming manic.

Minoridesign, pin cushions.


14 Responses to Tuff och Tuss

  1. Jen Pringle says:

    gorgeous comics. and thanks for link on clicker training – sounds really interesting.

  2. Lady Ren says:

    i love the look of these comics they are so old school.

  3. at swim-two-birds says:


  4. emma lewis says:

    i love these comics!

  5. teddybearswednesday says:

    what adorable comics! Cat are so smart, it's amazing isn't it?

  6. LISEN & STINA says:

    klickerträning för hund ska vara jättebra har jag hört, har inte testat dock… gick dock på hundkurs i början nör stina va liten o en helt ny värld öppna' sej, ett nytt språk! hundfolk hästfolk kattfolk, det är mycket intressant man får ta del av tack vare djuren! :)

  7. lilie-melo says:

    vitamins for the eyes ^^

  8. Gina says:

    #11 is definitely one of
    my favorite covers. And
    of course #6. Thanks to
    you for introducing me
    to Tuff och Tuss!

  9. Sakletarn says:

    Måste vara den sötaste serietidning som funnits!

  10. Louise says:

    Trevlig läsning. Vilket härligt skrivbord hon har. Ett sådant vill jag också ha. Fina illustrationer också.

  11. annapernilla says:

    jag älskar de där gamla seriealbumen så fiiina.

  12. limonana says:

    these illustrations are amazing. & so is your cat! Hiro is so adorable!

  13. misako mimoko says:

    you've already posted issue number 6, haven't you? i love these characters and colors!!
    thanks for sharing :D

  14. Fine Little Day says:

    misako mimoko, yes I have. You have a sharp eye ;)

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