Marianne lives here 4. The last post.

Seeing you Marianne is like eating vitamins, thank you.
And thank you readers for cheerful comments :)


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  1. Lotten says:

    Jag måste bara säga att jag älskar Mariannes keramik och hennes hem var lika fint ;-)

  2. ella says:

    så fin serie!

  3. Débora says:

    Wonderful serie!
    You are luck Elisabeth :)

  4. nathalie et cetera says:

    i want to move in with marianne!
    p.s. the black moses is a piece of anthology!

  5. Jenea says:

    Like I undrstud, Marianne is your friend!!! I am right??? She is very creative woman. She has very good gust! ;))))
    I like so much, Her wonderfull home, it's seems like on one beautifful museum of arts!!!

  6. Kaylovesvintage says:

    nice one, love your home Marianne

  7. la casita says:

    I'd like to meet Marianne…

  8. Cassandra says:

    Absolutely delightful – lovely home, lovely images – thanks!

  9. mieke willems says:

    nice series, her work is so good!

  10. Maria says:

    oj vilket fint och personligt hem! jättemysigt.

  11. Jenni says:

    great looking & inspiring home, (although I suspect you could make a cereal box look interesting, with your wonderful eye & lens.)

  12. Valloittava valkoinen says:

    I just all the photos!

  13. caramela says:

    I love the subtle, earthy-feel of the photos, and then the ceramics just break the quiet mood and leap out stunningly!-
    Annamaria :)

  14. Liivia says:

    This home is SUPER! Thank you!

  15. lucie says:

    Marianne's house is absolutely fabulous! warm and cozy!

  16. teddybearswednesday says:

    I have loved this series. You take such beautiful photos.
    PS My dad loves is board and will only cut fruit on it, because he doesn't want to spoil it.

  17. thisismycat says:

    Bra musiksmak har hon också. Isaac Hayes och Miles David, minsann.

  18. lilie-melo says:

    Her place looks enchanting as her work is, thanks for showing these here, it's a real bliss

  19. reka says:

    Thank you for these posts to you and Marianne! Its so refreshing to see someone's home where actually you see the signs of "we are living here"!

  20. isoinpapu says:

    I so so so like this serie! I so so very much like this home!

    Thank you. Both.

  21. Christine says:

    maybe Marianne would like to adopt a french family, ahah!
    Hope you're feeling better!

  22. LAURA!!! says:

    What lovely light! Beautiful home and beautiful pictures! thanks to both of you for sharing!

  23. Clare says:

    I love that cupboard! Putting fabric in it is such a good idea.

  24. the textured leaf says:

    i have a few glass fronted cabinets. but none of them have fabric in them yet… even though that was why i bought them in the first place!

  25. ieva jansone says:

    1) i really love marianne's place!! thank you, elisabeth, for showing it!
    2) i have a very good friend called marianne
    3) i love this: "seeng you, marianne, is like eating vitamins"! – i'll quote you tomorrow as i will be lunching with MY marianne :)

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