Marianne lives here 2.

I love her ceramics. Tomorrow, 3 & 4.

Meena Paintings, stunning public art tradition practiced by the women of the Meena tribe.
Thank you Karin!


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  1. Lovely World says:

    Pretty, pretty. Light and airy. She is nice to share. The ceramics are lovely.

  2. jane says:

    love this series!

  3. Pinecone Camp says:

    Pretty, pretty pictures and lovely ceramics.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I want to move in here. Look so vibrant and aesthetical. Not stiff or corrected at all. Beautiful photos too. I love this blog, thanks!

  5. teddybearswednesday says:


  6. jenna says:

    she has a very sweet place! and i'm swooning over your diptychs lately, elisabeth!

  7. LAURA!!! says:

    oh just lovely! thanks for sharing!! xoxox

  8. at swim-two-birds says:

    such a lovely place, i have put Brodsky on my list:)

  9. lili scratchy says:

    I love her ceramics too!!

  10. asphaltandair says:

    what a delightful home!
    *i'm feeling inspired.

  11. Kickcan and Conkers says:

    Love the Meena tribe paintings – thanks for the link :)

  12. la casita says:

    warm and well lived home, beautiful pictures, great link …Elisabeth you are a star :)

  13. when skies are grey says:

    You can tell you two have a very special friendship :) As I always I love getting to see these wonderful spaces through your eyes. And neat to see her pieces in use-really love the hanging plant pot and candle holder!

  14. Antii Sullivan says:

    I love them all!
    All of your stuff makes me happy :-)

  15. wsake says:

    such beautiful ceramics! i really love those posts about this pretty home!

  16. Valloittava valkoinen says:

    So lovely and cozy!

  17. cerealjoe says:

    The candle stand is marvelous in the last photo!

  18. Meriluis says:

    I love the ceramics and her place too. So full of light and vibrant! I tried to open her flickr page but was protected. Has she a website?

  19. kendal croix says:

    gosh what a wonderful house.

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