Hotel life, and a precious piece of textile

Breakfasts from heaven, a soft big bed, balcony + wifi. What more can you ask for. So luxurious that I am ashamed. All good here.

Wonder what this (below) technique is called. Pieces of fabric assembled into beautiful circles, patterns. Do you know? Found at the local Nha Trang Dam market.

Jenny Williamson at Banderole makes great Velvet patchwork cushions. I like the mountain shaped cushion as well and Jenny’s blog.
(Thanks for the tip again Vivien.)


14 Responses to Hotel life, and a precious piece of textile

  1. It looks so wonderful! I have only tried the ‘real’ hotel experience – where it feels like a luxury – one time when I was maybe 7. It feels like something so foreign and wonderful. Hope you are all wonderful there :)

  2. HLiza says:

    I don’t know what technique it’s called but the patchwork is very common here in south east asian mom used to make door mats like that with whatever used fabric we had.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Mette, me too have a pitiful experience of luxury hotels. Wouldn’t mind to get use to it ;)

    HLiza, the textile I bought might be a door mat as well. The plan is to use it like a chair cushion though. I bought one the last time I was in Vietnam 4 years ago. This time I haven’t seen them until today on the market. Really love the technique.

  4. barbara says:

    Oh it really does look like a wonderful place to stay!

  5. deborah says:

    but what about those tights??? please, who makes them?

  6. Elisabeth says:

    Deborah, the tights are from Monki, on sale now actually:

  7. deborah says:

    alas, they do not ship to the U.S. … bummer

  8. Så utrolig fint dere har det! For en fabelaktig luksus! Nyt ferien :)


  9. abby says:

    love the leggings!

  10. patricia says:

    my favourite tiger – graphic/simple/strong – by

  11. Elisabeth says:

    Patricia, good looking one!

  12. vantiani says:

    Oh I love that doormat also! Been also a fan of that kind of doormat and in Jakarta I’ve seen the one in square format and in several sizes and materials being used also. Not quiet yet find the one that I like the color mixes though.

    I will be in Vietnam for a weekend next month so I’m glad that I found some tips from you, Elizabeth.

    Thank you.

  13. Your blog is such a great discovery for me today!

  14. yellow owl says:

    just found your blog via poppytalk now i wanna stay all day! i think the designs on those tights might be made by shibori dyeing. similar to tie dye, the method used folding and binding and compressing to create repeated pattern. the dye used might also be bleach. if it a commercial product it might be printed to look dyed.

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