Candy bags!

Pic above from Finland Apartments.

Oh where to start with these books. Me and Klara are going wild. A bunch of the candy bag books from the Japanese publisher Paumes has landed in the studio, and in the shop.

I have been collecting these books since I first layed my eyes on them a couple of years ago. I guess most of you know them already. Totally irresistible, packed with creative ideas and inspiring interiors.

Above, picture from Copenhagen Aparments.

Below, Finland Family Style.

The Edition PAUMES is a small family-run Japanese publisher, working in close contact with artists and designers in Europe on different editorial projects.

“With a poetic and original approach, édition PAUMES explores the environments of those who stimulate the creative industries, and in doing has produced a set creative “bibles” that overflow with inspiration.”

Above, Stockholm ateliers.

Books from London, Paris, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Helsinki, Belgium, Stockholm and Finland in the shop.

Above, from the book Children’s room Copenhagen.


10 Responses to Candy bags!

  1. Agata says:

    Yes, yes they are the best! so naturally amazing and inspiring. xxx agata

  2. L says:

    åh vad roligt! flera stycken jag inte har! stina w också! vilken bok/vilka titlar är 3e och 4e bilden ifrån?? smask! tack för detta Elisabeth! :)

  3. L says:

    ps. är stina med i sthlm ateljé? har ju den, men kan inte minnas det uppslaget. saknar mina böcker, har dem inte hos mej o kan inte se efter… :(

  4. Merja says:

    This is a very welcome addition to your shop!

  5. Elisabeth says:

    Lisen, Stina är med i Stockholm atelier japp. Hade också glömt det uppslaget faktiskt. Det är ju så mycket gott i de där böckerna. Tredje bilden uppifrån är från Copenhagen Aparments:
    Fjärde från Finland family style:

  6. Zane says:

    beautiful and full of inspiration

  7. Charlyn says:

    Yes! Yes! I love these books….I initially saw them at Tas-ka online shop….

  8. emily says:

    been looking for these books for ages. hooooray! e/

  9. naa says:

    oh I’m “obsessed” with them too. I am so happy to have some of them but there are still many on my wishlist. :)

  10. Gosh, they’re gorgeous… would really like some but they might force me to make my home even more colourful!

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