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The visual artist Åsa Wettre

Åsa Wettre not only writes books, her artistry extends widely. I had the luxury to browse thick binders with documentation of her art the other day. Unfortunatley I have no paintings to show you, but I can tell you that they are great. Much like a Swedish Grandma Moses. I do have the pleasure to show you some of her old textile works though. Like the weave above and the handmade textile printings below.

Close up: “The blue family”.


“Left overs”.


The chest is not Åsa’s work but had to be shown anyway.

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Åsa Wettre 2

As I wrote in the last post, textile artist Åsa Wettre has recently launch a new book about old Swedish quilts Spår av liv (Traces of life). A treasure really. It was so great to get a glimpse of some of them in real life. Several of the them was as striking on the backside as on the front.

There is no doubt that Åsa Wettre has always loved textiles. As a child she went to fabric stores with her mother to feel and look. Becoming a textile artist seems to have been a natural choice. In her book Spår av liv (Traces of life) Åsa let us know as much as possible about the quilts, about the people and stories around them. Most of the quilts in the book are sewn sometime between the late 1800s and up until the 1930s.  Around one hundred quilts are included in the new book, but it could have been considerably higher. Åsa’s first book, Gamla svenska lapptäcken (Old Swedish Quilts) came about 20 years ago. She has also filled Liljevalch‘s all twelve halls with quilts.

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Åsa Wettre, quilts and her latest book

Had the honour to met up with Swedish textile artist and author Åsa Wettre the other day. And what a meeting! This lady is creativity personified.

As some of you might know I have a thing for patchwork and as Åsa’s quilt collection is magnificent the meeting was close to dreamlike. In this post and the two coming I’ll give you a little glimpse of what I got to see. Some more quilts are coming up + some of Åsa’s textile designs from the 70′s.


Åsa Wettre’s book Spår av liv (Traces of life) about quilts and their history, was launched last year by publisher Kabusa.

Except for the variation of wonderful quilts, we get to know the stories and destinies that we rarely hear about in the book. About the creators of the arts and crafts. This is Åsa’s second book about Swedish quilts, and I don’t think it would be an understatement to say that Åsa is something of an quilt expert. Since 1989 she has traveled all over the world (over 40 museums and art galleries in Sweden and abroad) with her exhibition Quilts – a cultural treasure.

Other books by Åsa Wettre:

Det Blå (together with Håkan Wettre), 2006.
Gamla svenska lapptäcken (Old Swedish Quilts), 1993, translated into English in 1995.
Änglaboken (together with Håkan Wettre), 1996.

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Everyone is sick in the flu around here, and now it seems to be my turn + the cat tore down the installation.

Talk soon.

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Örnbergsauktionen 2014

“Breaking New Modular System” by Uglycute.


“Puck” by Carina Seth Andersson.


“No Title” by Maria Kristofersson.


“Ordinary Pixel” by Anna Nordström.


“Nazca/Cocos” by Hilda Hellström.


“Ice Fake Marble” by Kakan Hermansson.

There is still time to bid (until 7 February). Örnbergsauktionen.

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Wonderful wool blankets

We love blankets. Especially the soft and the good looking once like the Kauniste blankets. Beautiful are they not. In the shop now!


The blue blanket, called Siksakki is designed by Hannele Äijälä.

As well as the orange Muhkura blanket.

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Did a photo job for Hemslöjden magazine last year and had the opportunity to meet a very inspiring and competent lady – Lena Hammarlund, a wool expert who recreate historic textiles and work with experimental archeology. Truly inspiring. Some of the textile photographed was older than my great-grandmother. All of them beautiful.

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A peep into Lena Hammarlund’s wooly home.

The wool guide.


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Polka, Drops and Birgitta Magnusson’s textiles

You who have peeped in to the shop yesterday or today might have noticed that we have some new products in our range. Then you might have peeped in here and wondering why I have not mention it here? Well I simply did not have the time. So I will hurry now, before the weekend starts to tell you about what’s going on at the moment.

First we got the Polka pillow cases, designed by Cecilia Petterson – in grey, red, black and yellow, pure diagonally candy. That pattern also dress kitchen towels in grey, red and yellow take a look here.

And then we have the Drops pillow cases in blue, navy and black (and in two sizes).

Last but not least there are some amazing textiles coming in by Swedish textile artist Birgitta Magnusson. Handmade in hemp, acrylic and wool. More soon!

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2014 most beautiful calendar

I just love this delicate hand silk screened tea towel calendar made by Oregon based artist Julianna Bright.

Find it, and buy it here.

Also listen to Julianna’s band, The Golden Bears


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