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Broken table + pallet = rocking chair

This kind of re-design. Stumbled on the work of Gothenburg based furniture designer Emil Roiivar the other day. Actually his studio is based in the same house where I live. Hope to be able to show you more of his work further on!

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For sale this very moment

You know the amazing chairs I wrote about a couple of days ago, similar ones are to be find for sale at Bukowskis this very moment and for about 19 hours ahead (thanks for the tip Aja). Turned out that they are theatre chairs from Malmö Stadsteaters lilla scen, Intiman designed by David Helldén.


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New Friends + Print all over me

A new online venture Print all over me. Read more about it at Sight Unseen. And see nice collection here. Prints in this post by New Friends.

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Birch Paper Straws!

Incredibly happy right now. Look at the present Carina brought back to me from “over there”. Birch paper straws! Must have been made for me only. If I ever do a list with the greatest presents of the world, these ones would have a good chance to qualify in the top three.

You readers are not in to comment that much these days. Last post got 12 comments though (well one was from me). Too many steps I know. Seems easier in Instagram, more direct as you say. Yesterday I asked for help in a desperate post and got over 230 comments in just a couple of hours. Wow, Instagram sure is the shit. Don’t know why it took so long for me to realise that, although I was quick to get it a couple of weeks after it launched (important to me to state that). Anyway I got new glasses and I got the coolest straws in the world. Even if you too have good friends, maybe you don’t have that kind of a friend who realize the value of a birch paper straws present. So get them yourself here.

Pics above, Carina apartment, Carina cuties

London Tube Map Font by Yuri Suzuki

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