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Fine Little Day Shop ♥ Little Red Stuga = True!

Today we are happy to announce the merriage between Fine Little Day Shop & Little Red Stuga. The merge has been planned since months and actually we’ve alreday started some of our work together. This weekend a bunch of “the gang” that we are now, gathered to celebrate our fusion in Småland.

August 2003, I sat on a chair in a large auditorium in HDK, Scool for Arts and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden. Next to me sat a guy who I started talking to. It turned out that we were in the same class. His name was Kasper. A bit later that afternoon I met Ulrika who also turned out to be a great person and class mate. A couple of years later, 2007 Ulrika and Kasper started a company together, Little Red Stuga. The same year I discovered the world of blogs, and started Fine Little Day and short after that a small shop called Fine Little Day Shop.

Since then our companies has grew side by side. Little Red Stuga created “stories, products and projects in-house and in collaboration with designers, clients and partners.” And I had the honor to do some patterns for their ingenious blanket Bu! for example.

Fine Little Day will still be “a sprawling and happily inconsistent company and blog” but the shop will be improved and supported by this nice gang of Little Red Stuga.

This means that Fine Little Day and Little Red Stuga from now own will work under the same roof and combined company. The brand names will remain though and will enable us to carry on provide not only our own visions about design but also a wider range of collaborations and handpicked products and events. We hope you will enjoy :)

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I love to hang around in my friends Kasper and Ulrika´s studio Little Red Stuga -
always full of creativity and colors. And Kasper has such an expressive way to sketch
(or maybe his daughter).

They makes awesome products too, playful and innovative.

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