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Way Cup Café, lamps by recycled books and mushroom soup

Visited this place today.

Way Cup Café opened in 2012 and brought needed relief to a street end that then was limited to kind of stiff shops. A little more than a year later, I keep coming back to enjoy their “Autumn Mushroom Delight” soup, which is served in a recycled glass jar. Actually the whole café concept focuses on reuse, recycling, organic and fair trade food and drink. Looking good doesn’t it.

Another lamp, made from recycled books.
Recycled book chandeliers.
And a tin can lamp shade


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Great caps and more, at Once Upon a Time

I’ve said it before Once Upon a Time is must visit shop when in Gothenburg. Excellent, handpicked old and new + their own clothing range. Like the great handmade caps above!


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Da Matteo & Amalia Kenamets

The Da Matteo cafés are definitely the best ones in town. Coffee drinkers, including the husband, says that the coffee is exceptionally good here. The hot chocolate is tasty as well, speaking from own experience. Friendly staff and great atmosphere. Yes this is a good place to go if you are up to a fika in Gothenburg.

The combination Da Matteo + Amalia Kenamets was a treat when we went to Sprängkullsgatan’s Da Matteo (there are three Da Matteo cafés in town) on Sunday. Amalia Kenamets is an artist who works with sculpture, painting and textiles. The exhibition is up until 30 Januari, 2014.

+ Worth a visit alone is the amazing theater chairs (?) upstairs.


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Christmas market and a swan

December in Gothenburg means a bunch of different Christmas markets around town. Today I visited Folk & Form’s design- and crafts market not so far away from where I live. Not only nice products but workshops, DIY and “Art to go” as well.

Lucky me I found the greatest ceramic swan by Elisabeth Billander. Speaking of ceramics have you seen Jennie Jieun Lee‘s ceramics? This cup and this pot. More amazing ceramics here.

In this post – socks and hats from Mocklis, “clouds” from Malin Signahl, art and crafts from Anna Bauer and ceramics from Elisabeth Billander.

The Folk & Form market will be open tomorrow Sunday (15 dec) as well.

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17 square meter for liquorice lovers

Lucky me, look what recently opened across the street where I live. Yes the one and only liquorice store in town (Gothenburg) “Sjutton kvadratmeter lakrits“. I’m chewing them black salt sweets all day long now. I guess that my dentist will not be super thrilled at my next visit, on the other hand the last time I had cavities must have been at least 25 years ago.

Ok, some of what you can buy here: liquorice tea, liquorice bread, liquorice pasta, liquorice pralines, liquorice perfume and after shave, liquorice pastilles, salt liquorice, sweet liquorice, long rods of liquorice, short rods of liquorice, hard liquorice, soft liquorice, organic liquorice, liquorice juice. You hear, well worth a visit if you are a liquorice lover, or just curious.

Plantagegatan 13 in Gothenburg/Sweden, that is where you want to go.


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Hanging with Staffan Holm

Back in the city. Today I had the opportunity to hang out with an old classmate of mine, Staffan Holm. Staffan work with interior architecture, industrial design and furniture design. So much knowledge in that man. Wish I had the tiniest bit of his knowledge of materials and craft skills.

I literally hung around him like a fly (hope I was not too annoying) today when we cruised around Gothenburg city to check out an ongoing restaurant project of his and a completed one (scrool down). We also took a trip to his magnificent studio, which he share with another star designer Daniel Rybakken.

Staffan keep on winning prizes for his work, the latest one was the prestigious award Bruno Mathson prize for 2013. The Spin stool (above) for Swedese was awarded with “Furniture of the Year” in 2011 by Swedish design magazine Sköna Hem. Personally would like to award Staffan for the Gym hooks for Danish Hay, which are not only good looking but brilliant, in several ways.

Fratelli Gridelli (below) is a cozy new restaurant in Gothenburg with tasty food, quality goods directly imported from Italy, an owner who write down orders on an, according to him, extra culinary olive oil AND interior architecture by Staffan Holm.

The interior was a challenge for Staffan really since the square meters are few. Smart storage shelves in oak, mirror steel, marble, glass and well thought-out details made it all complete. Impressing. The restaurant’s Tiramisu as well.

Unfortunately I did not manage to take any good overview photos of the interior. You’ll have to go there your self, it’s worth it – Fratelli Gridelli, Tegnérsgatan 26 Göteborg.

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Best of Gotheburg – Ann-Louise Landelius’s shop and bags

“On Thursdays and the last Saturday of every month (or whenever she’s there)” you can visit designer Ann-Loise Landelius’ shop here in Linnestaden in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The most stylish of my friends have them – Ann-Louise Landelius’s bags. Ann-Louise’s (or A.L.L. as in the brand name) bags are associated with quality and style. Even if I don’t have a trained eye for sofisticated bags I feel an instant attraction to these good looking ones. The heavy zips, the soft leather, the hooks and the chains…

When I visited Ann-Louise’s shop a couple of days ago it hit me (again), what a bunch of talantes we have in this little big city. In Ann-Loise’s shop you will not only find her own design, but a range of other great, handpicked items. Like the amazing Hilda Hellström‘s work (blogged here).

Read more about Ann-Louise here. And check out her bags, accessories and interior products in her webshop here.

(The hand texted letters in top pic is made by another Gothenburg talante Sara Sandström).

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Tree love

The best thing about the beach of Sisjön, Gothenburg.
Perfect patterned.

Birch bark cuff bracelet
Branch Block Walking Blocks Old Fashioned Clompers
Birch dress
Birch sweater
Birch tree bark neck tie
Birch Paper Straw

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Design mingle

Visited the ongoing event Västra Götaland goes Milano goes Röhsska, 14–19 May, 2013 at Röhsska museet yesterday. So much talent, and beautiful people.


Charlotte Arvidsson
Design Stories
Haruka Furuyama
IÅIN Masayoshi Oya
Sami Kallio
Sigrid Strömgren
Rasmus Malbert
Charlie Styrbjörn
Markus Johansson
Joel Karlsson (Karl Anderson & Söner)
Roger Persson (Swedese)
Staffan Holm (One Nordic, Swedese)
Daniel Rybakken (Luceplan)
Markus Johansson (Mogg, Olby design,Thekne)

See the program here.

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Gbg Design Week, 2013

From one thing to another. This post is about an event that takes part here in Västra Götaland goes Milano goes Röhsska, 14–19 of  2013. Participating among others is Staffan Holm (my former class mate) awarded one of Scandinavia’s most prestigious prize for designers – the 2013 Bruno Mathsson prize. Very well-deserved.

Above Staffan Holm‘s Gym Hook, produced by Hay. Below, information in Swedish.

TIPS: Under fyra dagar, 14–19 maj 2013 har du chans att kika på den senaste designen från Västra Götaland som nyligen presenterats på möbelmässan i Milano, här i Göteborg på Röhsska museet.

Tretton formgivare samt studenter från HDK Stenebys möbeldesignprogram visar produkter och prototyper direkt från Milano. Det blir även en pop-up utställning och andra kringarrangemang. Anders Englund från Offecct kommer t.ex. att dela med sig av erfarenheter kring design på export. Sigrid Strömgren, Sami Kallio och Markus Johansson berättar om varför de valde att ställa ut i Milano, man kan delta i en workshop med formgivartrion Design stories, lyssna på trendspanaren Stefan Nilsson och en hel del annat.

Below, chair by Sami Kallio.

En annan bra grej som du ska passa på att göra om du är formgivare – Moderföreningen Svensk Form ger dig möjlighet att lägga upp din profil på den internationella siten gratis under dessa dagar. Maila mig (se “contact” ovan till vänster) eller om ni vill info om hur ni nyttjar detta erbjudande.

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