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Flowery news!

We have some beyond beautiful posters to show you, flowery scented new posters exclusively made for Fine Little Day by artist Marta Fromme. The name of them – Marta’s Summer and Marta’s Clover!

Talanded Marta Fromme has also made this poster for us.


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Bird, Rutig and Kakfat

A little break from the couple Wettre’s home to show you some news which has arrived to the shop. From the top Bird, Rutig and Kakfat.


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Wooden sculpture/mobile by Henrike Schoen

More news in the shop. Look what we have, a geometric beauty, handmade in wood and leather – A sculpture/mobile designed by the talented Henrike Schoen. Playful and stylish, an excellent addition to any room!


Also landed – a bunch of Finnish Kauniste textiles like the Sokeri kitchen towel (design Hanna Konola). This treasure looks great in a frame as well as on a hook in the kitchen.

And together they look swell!

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Wonderful wool blankets

We love blankets. Especially the soft and the good looking once like the Kauniste blankets. Beautiful are they not. In the shop now!


The blue blanket, called Siksakki is designed by Hannele Äijälä.

As well as the orange Muhkura blanket.

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Just a couple of snaps from this week. The porcelain is old and new from House of Rym. Some of them are still available in the shop. As well as the Drops- and Polka pillow cases.

It’s Thursday, cold outside and quite wintery.

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2014 News!

Fine Little Day loves collaborations! Today we are very excited to show you the work of two our latest collaborators, artist Marta Fromme who made the amazing Eye Eye-poster. Could be a future classic. Marta often works with woodcut as in this poster. Read more about her work in the previous post. The poster treasure is up in the shop!

Our other collaborator is the multi talented photographer and graphic designer Hilda Grahnat. Hilda works with clients such as Kinfolk, Uppercase Magazine, Interior magazines and now Fine Little Day. Hilda is the brain and maker behind these gorgeous photos. Read an interview with Hilda here.

Hope you like what you seee ;)


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Please welcome Marta Fromme, Fine Little Day designer

“Hello, I´m Marta, 26 years old and currently living in Mannheim, Germany. This year I just finished my studies in graphic design. Since design work often means spending most of the time in front of a computer,  I really enjoy to create things with my hands every now and then. Earlier this year I made a series of woodcut-illustrations for a book and somehow fell in love with this technique, which I also used for this poster.

I have been following the Fine Little Day blog for quite some time, and finally got the chance to meet Elisabeth  and Ulrika in October when visiting my boyfriend in Gothenburg. I’m so happy that the idea of doing a joint project ended up in this wonderful collaboration and the opportunity to be a part of Fine Little Day.”

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Polka, Drops and Birgitta Magnusson’s textiles

You who have peeped in to the shop yesterday or today might have noticed that we have some new products in our range. Then you might have peeped in here and wondering why I have not mention it here? Well I simply did not have the time. So I will hurry now, before the weekend starts to tell you about what’s going on at the moment.

First we got the Polka pillow cases, designed by Cecilia Petterson – in grey, red, black and yellow, pure diagonally candy. That pattern also dress kitchen towels in grey, red and yellow take a look here.

And then we have the Drops pillow cases in blue, navy and black (and in two sizes).

Last but not least there are some amazing textiles coming in by Swedish textile artist Birgitta Magnusson. Handmade in hemp, acrylic and wool. More soon!

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Graphite 2 / Karin Cyrén


We have a new wonderful poster in the shop Anthill made by illustrator Karin Cyrén, who also made the eminent book Maraton. Ants are social, busy insects. But workers, soldiers and the queen are not the only members of the colony, as it seem like ;)



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New children’s clothes*

Just before the holidays they’ve landed, a bit late, but anyway.
So, we have ants, red and black ones. The kind type of course, that not bite. We have dressed t-shirts and sweatshirts in them with white or grey bases. We also have more of the Gran- and Barr apparel, you might want to take a closer of the various designs here.



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