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Broken table + pallet = rocking chair

This kind of re-design. Stumbled on the work of Gothenburg based furniture designer Emil Roiivar the other day. Actually his studio is based in the same house where I live. Hope to be able to show you more of his work further on!

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Polkka Jam for House

I like Finnish Polka Jam‘s limited edition collection for House.


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For sale this very moment

You know the amazing chairs I wrote about a couple of days ago, similar ones are to be find for sale at Bukowskis this very moment and for about 19 hours ahead (thanks for the tip Aja). Turned out that they are theatre chairs from Malmö Stadsteaters lilla scen, Intiman designed by David Helldén.


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News from House of Rym

Wanted to show you a first peep of House of Rym’s new spring/summer collection for 2014. As you might know Anna Backlund and I has been House of Rym’s main designers since the company started 2011. It has been a fun and giving journey which is still not finished. For the 2014 collection House of Rym has brought in an additional designer to the crew – my colleague and friend Cecilia Pettersson! Yes the same Cecilia who made Fine Little Day Shop‘s poster The forest (also available as wallpaper) and the candy colored Polka pillow cases and kitchen towels. Cecilia has made a bunch of things for the new collection, posters, porcelain and textile. See more at the House of Rym site.

Above, poster by Cecilia Pettersson Welcome to Shroomville. Below teaset by the same, Hypnotique wheat. And cup Shroomville + Anna Backlund’s Sprinkle Sprinkle saucer.

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Contemporary furniture for children – Nuun Kids Design

Nuun Kids Design is an innovative, young Spanish design company based in Girona. I love the idea of a good looking multi-functionality furniture that grows with the child. Nuun Kids Design have several great birch wood variations at their site. Take a look at their Youtube videos for even more ideas.

Nuun for twins.

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I have a new wristwatch. Do you still use them? There was a couple of years (in the beginning of my iPhone period) that I thought I did not need a one anymore. I always brought the phone so If I wanted to know what time was I simply checked the phone. Then one day I realized something was missing. I’m not much in to jewelry, well I can like them (even have a Pinterest board with the theme) but I rarely feel comfortable in earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Wristwatches on the other hand is like some kind of a middle thing between a jewelry and something practical. Don’t need to dig deep down in a purse to check the time either.

I have realized that I’m a wristwatch woman and I have a couple that I switch in between. Most of them are plain, rather classical in style like this Daniel Wellington watch. Daniel Wellington is a quite new Swedish watch brand. Another (successful) Swedish watch brand is Void Watches. Take a look at the AARK Collective watches as well. Urban Trait seem to have a lot of them “design watches”

While we are on the subject I have to mention that the husband is kind of wrist watch geek. So here, a couple of links from him:

Interesting article at a good nerd watch site.
Great site and article about the ultimate watch.
Exciting clock model, the archetype of the pilot watch.
Legendary watch.
Ultimate Sports Watches.
Nice site if you like cool divers.

UPDATE: A good thing Urban Trait has free worldwide shipping until the end of 2013.

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Simon Key Bertman

Simon Key Bertman is a textile artist and designer, based in Stockholm, Sweden with clients like Grythyttan and Svenkt Tenn.

Below the rug “Tennis” (Nadal vs Djokovic Wimbeldon 2011 final game). More racquet-sport-inspired rugs here.

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News from Laura Spring

Laura Spring has a new, nice website. I am still in love with the duffel bag, but the range has increased with a lot of other goodies as well, like laptop covers and iPad sleeves. Take a look here.

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Hanging with Staffan Holm

Back in the city. Today I had the opportunity to hang out with an old classmate of mine, Staffan Holm. Staffan work with interior architecture, industrial design and furniture design. So much knowledge in that man. Wish I had the tiniest bit of his knowledge of materials and craft skills.

I literally hung around him like a fly (hope I was not too annoying) today when we cruised around Gothenburg city to check out an ongoing restaurant project of his and a completed one (scrool down). We also took a trip to his magnificent studio, which he share with another star designer Daniel Rybakken.

Staffan keep on winning prizes for his work, the latest one was the prestigious award Bruno Mathson prize for 2013. The Spin stool (above) for Swedese was awarded with “Furniture of the Year” in 2011 by Swedish design magazine Sköna Hem. Personally would like to award Staffan for the Gym hooks for Danish Hay, which are not only good looking but brilliant, in several ways.

Fratelli Gridelli (below) is a cozy new restaurant in Gothenburg with tasty food, quality goods directly imported from Italy, an owner who write down orders on an, according to him, extra culinary olive oil AND interior architecture by Staffan Holm.

The interior was a challenge for Staffan really since the square meters are few. Smart storage shelves in oak, mirror steel, marble, glass and well thought-out details made it all complete. Impressing. The restaurant’s Tiramisu as well.

Unfortunately I did not manage to take any good overview photos of the interior. You’ll have to go there your self, it’s worth it – Fratelli Gridelli, Tegnérsgatan 26 Göteborg.

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Saana ja Olli

The new range of Saana ja Olli’s is inspired by visits to a summer house in the Finnish archipelago. The line includes kitchen textiles, interior cushions, and more. I think it’s lovely. The photos as well by Unto Rautio. Coming in October.

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