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Beak Boots, stockings, snow

Finally some use for the Beak Boots I got myself about two years ago. And the newly bought stockings from Mocklis. We have snow.

The coming weekend there will be another Christmas market in Gothenburg, Järnjul (at Järntorget). Järnjul will gather 10 invited designers. I will be there.

Lördag 15 december kl. 10 – 16.00
Söndag 16 december kl. 11 – 16.00

(Photo by Tovalisa)

Semi-Circles Tape By Seventy Tree
Swedish Christmas cards and more by Leif Sodergren.
Traditional handmade Reed baskets from Portugal by TonioAbel, via Rike.
And Rike’s stamped fir blouse.

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Friday and December

I’ve been here and there the past days. December is, as you know a bit hectic month. Stupid. December should be calm. We have sunshine in Gothenburg today. It’s very cold, but nice!

Anyway I wanted to tell you that the Gran blankets with grey border is back in stock again. And that I think that you should take a look at the nice news in Andrew‘s Miscellaneous Adventures Shop.

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My old blouse in the shop window

We have so much autumn. Walk in the city. Where did this week go? Look there is my old blouse that I gave to the second hand store some weeks ago. Wore it here.

This auction. Starting 14 November.

Interview with me over at Lottie loves.

“My” illustrator Steffie (Fine Little World) has made a bunch of nice pattern for textiles for Cloud9Fabrics.

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This week

Big photo job, pattern assignment and a lecture tomorrow. And a new sweather I might wear, from here. Always buy the mens clothes. This one too. It was an outlet.

Did you see that Britt-Marie Oskarsson opened a webshop.

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Last weekend

Those of you who follow me at Instagram maybe got a glimpse of my trip to Gotland last weekend. I was there to meet a bunch of old friends of mine. Gotland sure is a completely different experience than the rest of Sweden. Magical.

Cafe Kutens, Furillen, Blå lagunen and the rauks at Fårö. Wish to come back soon. Tomorrow, leaving again. This time to Stockholm. Will meet this lovely lady, among other things.

Birch shirt by Emma Dahlqvist.

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A word a wind

How fast things can change.
Felt like fall today. Rain and umbrella. But summer is still here. I hope. We are going to the country house this weekend. Looking forward.

Did you see Cecilias plate that she drew with a porcelain pen? I’m becoming more and more like my grandmother. She was also fascinated by painting on porcelain. Gulp.

Otis at Plumo. Thanks Jane.

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Screwy weather and limited impressions

A rare vending machine with “only good stuff” and Kulturhuset saved my day yesterday. It had not been possible to find a harsher day to visit Stockhom this spring. Heavy rain and only a few degrees above zero.

More about AUTO:MAT

Pretty boring day in Stockholm I must admit. Did get me a nice pair of rain boots though.

Next time I come to Stockholm:
Moderna Museet
Scandic Grand Central

I will also take a look at Emma’s excellent Stockholm guide for more tips. Hello from the train home to Gothenburg.

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Walking in Gothenburg

Love the idea with this shelf. Handmade with old blocks, tied together with a belt.

Touring around in the city. Doing a “Best of Gothenburg” according to me and Anna for the magazine these two nice ladies are working for. (Photos from Once upon a time and Hagabion) It’s hot hot in Sweden/Gothenburg today. A short rest and then of to the studio for a little mingle. It’s summer!

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October swim

They actually did it.
While me and Hiro stood on a safe distance.

Coming, a guest post from Kauniste.

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Some days are greyer than others

But who cares.

I’ve ordered this poster.

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