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Örnbergsauktionen 2014

“Breaking New Modular System” by Uglycute.


“Puck” by Carina Seth Andersson.


“No Title” by Maria Kristofersson.


“Ordinary Pixel” by Anna Nordström.


“Nazca/Cocos” by Hilda Hellström.


“Ice Fake Marble” by Kakan Hermansson.

There is still time to bid (until 7 February). Örnbergsauktionen.

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Reused plastic bag mats, I want to make them too

Went up north to visit my grandmother. Even if she will be 90 years old any minute now, this house is still filled with craft projects. As long as I can remember her hands has been occupied with brushes, textiles and those re-used plastic bags she used as material to mats. She crocheting them in different sizes, all perfect.

How to Prepare Plastic Bags for Knitting or Crochet.

If you are not familiar with them and looking for inspirational weavings, textiles and housewares New Friends.

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Got myself an early Christmas present

I don’t see myself as the romantic type, but oh I just could not resist these sumptuous, girly, flower stamps. Kind of romantic aren’t they? Well, I just had to get one. And where did I get it? Find it at Sycamore Street Press. And a bunch of other nice custom made stamp variants. Like the one with arrows, the mountain, the cactus and the bear.

Below, flowery favorites.

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Hama beads basket by Sarah-Jane

I’m so glad that I after this post have received a couple of mails from readers gifted with the ability to make the amazing hama bead baskets. The beautiful baskets in this post is made by Scottish Sarah-Jane.

And you can buy the treasures, over at Hejsan Goods.

Photos by Kimberley Brand.


Kind of funny: Ikea at last cracks China market, but success has meant adapting to local ways. And here.

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Candy mittens

Winter, summer no matter what. Can not get enough of Klara Bothén’s mittens.

“Mittens, hand knitted from wool that my mother and grandmother dyed with forest plants and herbs back in 1982. The different names of the colours is the plant or herb that was used for the dyeing.”

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Meet a crafting queen

I first met Susanna Lundgren aka Susi Lou when shooting this post. Susanna sure is a creative lady. Working with all sorts of creative things. Crafts, photography, music, sewing, graphic design.. Yesterday I met up with her at the nature reserve Delsjön to watch her in action. As you can see she is a master of needle felting as well.

- I just have to be creative all the time because that is what fills my everyday life and the meaning with my life. I’m doing so many different things that it’s hard to choose which way to go. The dircetion comes in phases though. At the moment I’m in a crafting- photography- and sewing period, the music and the touring life is on hold at the moment. My hands are my eyes, I just need to create constantly. I studied music and graphic design but the urge to work with three dimensional forms has always been appealing to me. I will never stop create. I constantly evolving, and I like it. There is nothing better than to create a picture in your head and then turn that image into reality.

- Needle felting is great because it’s almost like working with clay, only it is much more easy to control. You can continue shaping until you get what you want. The more you felt the wool, the harder packed the material will get. That part is what is difficult actually – to stop in time. Because if you work the material too much, it will become lifeless and dull. Wool is a living material. Even if you can keep up with a figure for hours and work with the details for ever there is a limit. You have to know when to quit.

- Needle felting is so much fun. It may look complicated but anyone can do it! Sometimes when I hold workshops I meet people who belive that they are not able to, and then when they try they make something amazing the first thing they do.

Be prepared that you will have bleeding fingers during the process though. On my workshops you can hear a chorus of “ouch, shit, aooo..” all the time ;) But it’s worth it!

My tip is to start work with a little oval ball, then wrap wool around it, and tangle all over while you roll the ball in your hands. Also, it’s importat to believe in yourself!

Susanna will soon open her own Etsy shop. She also makes needle felting on demand. I might hire her to make a mini RUT further on (the little one is coming tomorrow). See Susanna‘s contact details at the bottom of this page

How to felt

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Kristine Thenman

Swedish Kristine Thenman‘s work is subtle and humorous. An overarching theme in her work is nature. Nature as seen from different perspectives.

Will you pass by Stockholm in January? In that case take the chance to visit Kristine’s upcoming exhibition ”Tid och otid” (12 jan – 30 jan 2013) at Konsthantverkarna.

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Middle of Nowhere – Rug made by old parachutes

I like the rug “Middle of Nowhere“ by the design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg – (Sweden’s Prince) Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg. The rug is made of pieces of old parachutes from the Swedish Armed Force and parachute clubs. Will be sold at Contemporary/Bukowskis, November 15, 2012 with the benefit donated to Childhood Foundation.

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Rosa Moon by Barbara

Hope to be able to meet my creative friend Barbara Berrada some day. Say hello to Barbara’s latest creation Rosa Moon, who’s living in a cup and saucer from Anna‘s and my porcelain collection.

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A favorite webshop

Australian Mr Kitly has the greatest range. Always trendy, stylish and unique. And on top of that I love the raw photos of their products. I would buy the book if the would made one, Mr Kitly products. TeapotTeasetPotholders

More favorites Smalltown hanger, Barefoot bag and Misaki Kawai: Blueberry Express.

It’s friday, we are going to Skåne to a baptism. And we are getting a new wallpaper. Talk soon!

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