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Giveaway – Handmade leather bag and wallet set by Keecie

Dear readers, it is that time of the year – soon Christmas, and we have another great giveaway ahead. This time from the Dutch company Keecie.


Keecie was founded in 2007 and is based in Amsterdam. Designer Klaartje de Hartog of Keecie takes her sketchbook with everywhere she goes, and gets her inspiration from visiting flea markets, looking at old bags and purses from past times, as well as modern day influences from leading design blogs on the Internet.

The Keecie collection is not a standard collection: 
each design will surprise you with its own unique shape or original print. All Keecie bags and wallets are made by hand of real leather. This ensures they are long lasting and only get more beautiful over the years. We hope you will enjoy our products for a long time still to come.”

The lucky winner will get a wonderful set of:
* The bag Elephant Joke (color Moss). Big enough to take it with you wherever you go. Small enough not to get lost in. And to go with it, an elephant :) Take a closer look here.

* A light blue leather wallet with a silkscreen print inside, Cat Chase.

* AND like that was not enough, a cute House keeper key ring as well, to remind you of your home sweet home.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment in this post with why you would like to win. The Keecie giveaway will be open to Saturday 14 December. Thanks for playing and good luck :)

Grattis, congrats Alexandra – you are the winner of Keecie‘s giveaway, lucky you :) Thank you all of you who commented, and thank you to Keecie!

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Miszkomaszko giveaway*

Christmas is coming and we have a giveaway coming up from sponsor Miszkomaszko. The winner get to pick one of these great flip dolls OR you can compose your very own doll, take a look here.

Miszkomaszko. is a small brand created by a designer Agata Piechocka out of love for fashion, drawing and her hometown. It all started with the famous flip dolls but now it’s also clothes for children, accessories and homeware that we offer. All our garments are made in Poland from the design to the final product. This is a part of our philosophy and allows us to meet people who work for us. We love the idea of small prodution with all it’s imperfections and the charm of uniqueness. What we are most famous for are our unique graphics and bold colors. While constantly growing and changing, we make sure that our classics are and will be always available :) ”

The founder of Miszkomaszko, Agata studied fashion and painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After working in Sweden for several years as a fashion and graphic designer for kids, she came back to Poland to start her own brand.

Please enter the giveaway by leaving a comment in this post with why you would like to win. The Miszkomaszko giveaway will be open to Wednesday 11 December. Good luck!

Congratulations Sarah Lyth, you won Miszkomaszko’s giveaway with your comment:
“I would love to win one of these gorgeous toys for my wee boy – he has just turned 2 and we are changing his room from being a bit babyish to more of a boy’s room in January and I’d love him to have one like my little red riding hood/wolf toy just like this that I had when I was a wee girl!”

Thanks to all of you for your comments and thank you to Miszkomaszko!

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Sponsor giveaway from Bib

Don’t miss the chance to win one of these beutiful, Pendant necklaces from Bib, handmade by the eminent Carina.

“With a toddler at home, it is difficult to find time and quiet for crafting. But when he sleeps, it’s nice to do what I like the most. The sewing machine sounds too much, but making jewelry is quiet and pleasant. I have made these necklaces for many years now and they are my favorites. I use nickel free pendant trays, glasses and Liberty Fabrics. When you put the glass dome of the fabric so it becomes almost like a little painting. I choose each pattern with care and no necklace is the same. Unique and special, just like you”

***Please leave your comment in this post if you want to enter the giveaway. The winner will be announced Sunday 27 October.  Thanks for playing and good luck!

UPDATE: Grattis / congrats to Maria, you won the treasure :)
Thank you everyone who participated, and thank you to Carina and Bib!

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Wallpaper winners

The summer is nice to us. I’ve been spending a lot of times here, occupied with things like this.

Before this day is over I wanted to share with you who the two lucky winners of the wallpapers from the project Curated by Fine Little Day are. The collaboration with Swedish Photowall. As you know you could have won amazing wallpapers by amazing artists: Mogu TakahashiKindra Murphy, Klara BothénCecilia Pettersson and Steffie Brocoli.

The winners are…
Maria Capion who won Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest.
Lisa Jeannin who won Kindra Murphy’s Colorform.

Congratulations to you ladies! You will get a mail with more details.

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Curated by Fine Little Day / Wallpaper giveaway!

Dear readers you might have seen the project Curated by Fine Little Day that was launched last week. A collaboration with Swedish Photowall and five favorite artists/designers of mine Mogu TakahashiKindra Murphy, Klara BothénCecilia Pettersson and Steffie Brocoli.

The Curated by Fine Little Day is an awesome collection of wallpapers from above mentioned artist, selected by me. Now you have the chance to win your favorite wallpaper in the collection! Just leave a comment in this post with a sentence or two about which one of the wallpapers you would like to win. Two winners will win wallpapers for 2500 kr/ 285€ / $370

The winners will be picked next Monday 22 July, 2013 and announced here at Fine Little Day blog. Good luck to you all, and thanks for playing :)

The wallpapers are:

Kindra Murphy’s Colorform
Klara Bothén’s Scallops
Mogu Takahashi’s Mogu
Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir Forest
Steffie Brocoli’s Wooden Village

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Giveaway from Jumperfabriken*

“Try your luck and win a Vilda poncho from Jumperfabriken. All you need to do is comment below and describe when and where you would wear your Vilda Poncho. Try to convince us that you are indeed the rightful winner! We need your response at the latest Sunday 2nd June. “

A little about us:
Jumperfabriken’s concept is to create collections inspired by the 50s & 60s, but with a modern vibe, all blended in together with traditional Scandinavian folkloristic designs and patterns. For more info, please visit our webshop, our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram @jumperfabriken.

Now and until Sunday the 9th of June we offer free international shipping all around the world from our WEBBSHOP!

(Check out Hiro + Jumperfabriken)

UPDATE: The winner is Barbro, congrats to you! Thank you all of you who commented, and thank you Jumperfabriken.

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News + Fine Little Day giveaway*

You who follow Fine Little Day at Instagram has already seen them – the new pillow cases. Gran in colors + the new pattern Barr.

Green, grey, brown, blue, black and yellow. Which color do you prefer? And what about Barr? Please tell me what you think and participate in a give away at the same time. What you can win? Your favorite pillow case of course. Two winners. Announced Wednesday 22 May. Leave you comment in this post. Thanks.

See the news here.

UPDATE, winners:
Thank you so much for your opinions and comments folks! Very helpful. The giveaway has two winners: Rebecca and Wsake, congrats to you ladies :)

I want to take the opportunity to offer you who still are interested in a GRAN or BARR pillow case –  a discount for a buy. This code: Fine15 will give you 15 % off the price, and will be running a week from today (until 29 May, 2013).

Thanks again for participating.

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Sponsor giveaway from Bib

Today two of you have the chance to win a neat, handmade and good looking bib for your little one.

“Perfect for your drooling baby!
Fine Bandana 100% cotton
On the inside it´s lined with the softest
baby corduroy in a matching color
Fits for children 3 – 18 months
Measurements: 37.5 x 20 cm”

About Bib
After sewing dresses for many years, I want to do something that is simple and gives a quick result. I started sewing bibs for my baby, and we often travel to California, where I became fond of Mexican banadanas. You see them everywhere on kids or dogs. I like to sew in conventional cotton, it gets softer and finer over time. So now I’m doing fine Bandana bibs, using Liberty fabrics or other fine patterns that are suitable for children and are appreciated by parents.

And they looks great on small dogs!

***Please leave your comment in this post if you want to enter the giveaway. Two winners will be chosen by a random and announced Wednesday 8 May.  Thanks for playing and good luck!

UPDATE we have two winners of Bib‘s neat giveaway. Congrats Adam and Inger-Marie, you won the bibs! Thank you all of you who participated, and a big thank you to Bib!

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Sponsor giveaway from Winterbird Co.

About Winterbird Co.
Winterbird Co. is small lovely stuffs to get through the winter – and a cold summer. All hand made in Sweden.

“I am Sara Sandström an artist, designer and generally quite a handy person. Based in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. I believe in working local so most of the things, if not all, is hand crafted in Sweden by small businesses or local craftsmen or women. People that put their heart in what they do. The designs, patterns and objects I create try not to be trendy but rather classic shapes and patterns with a hand crafted feel to them. Long lasting favorites if you will!”

The giveaway:

Tray Hauro is a nice size tray for the house and garden. Or apartment for that matter! The pattern inspired by Japaneese craftpaper is handpainted watercolor in black/indigo blue. The trays are hand made on Öland, of the Swedish east coast. The tray meassures 38cm across. There might be slight variations in the trays due to that hey are hand made.

Please enter the giveaway by leaving a comment in this post with why you would like to win. The Winterbird Co. giveaway will be open to Saturday 27 April.

UPDATE: Congratulations Elof Ivarsson, you won Winterbird Co‘s giveaway! Thank you all of you who commented, and thank you Sara/Winterbird Co.

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Sponsor giveaway from Kauniste

Kauniste works with young illustrators and designers creating patterns and products which last past seasonal trends. Talanted illustrator Hanna Konola has done several patterns for Kauniste (and this wonderful poster for Fine Little Day). The winners of this giveaway will win a bag, or a make-up pouch or a pen case.

To enter this giveaway please leave your comment with why you would like to win in this post. The giveaway will be open to Saturday 8 December. Thanks for playing and good luck!

***UPDATE A big congratulations to Klara (winner of the make-up pouch), Sara (winner of the bag) and Julie (winner of the pen case)! Lucky you.

Thank you all of you who commented and thank you Kauniste.

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