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The Sri Lankan floor mats

We were out in the woods the other day, Klara and I. Shooting a textile tipi, our new rug and some cones. You who follow at Instagram might have notice that we brought some of these amazing floor mats out there as well.

Earlier this year me and my family visited Sri Lanka (such a nice country!), and I fell in love with  these floor mats, mainly made by women at home by old textiles. Strips of fabrics are sewed on a piece of thicker textile. A great way to get a good use of old, worn and even discolored textiles.


I couldn’t resist in bringing a bunch of them home. I have more than I need though so some of these treasures will be avalible in the shop, in set of 4. The profits for them will go to a lovely coconuts salesman, Mr Subasiri with wife and four children.

One more post with them coming up. I might have to upload some on Pinterest as well.

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Perfect things

I love browsing the Scott Estepp Gallery, always well curated. Look at the Dumbo Wheel Barell, how perfect.

Petite Barnyard Target.


Tool display.

Early Dovecote ala “Bart”
Hypnotic Scooter
Blue Eyed Cat

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Patchwork and Kilim rugs

The Swedish auction site Lauritz has the most beautiful rugs. Good inspiration for Anna and me who will start working with new rugs for House of Rym soon. Did I tell you that our handmade ones are out there now. The machine made ones are still to come though. Things are always taking longer time than expected don’t they.

Find more photos of these treasures here, here, here and here. This, this and this one is also nice. More rug inspiration at Pineterest.

Alice Bernardo amazing Pinterest.

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Fine Little Day Vintage on Etsy

I have given up. I have realized that I never will become a person who can walk by a garage sell or a second hand store without at least take a fast look. After a 3 month long non-purchase period I come to understand when walked in at a flea the other day how much I enjoy this pleasure of mine. A visit to a vintage/second hand store involves joy, hope and excitement. Valuable feelings! That’s why I will consent my foible in the nearest future. That’s also a reasons why there is a Fine Little Day Vintage Etsy Shop on the net again. To justify, and for the fun of it. Welcome less anxiety, because I’m getting it for the shop.

Back & front on an nice piece of textile.

Look at that back. Love how the pattern meets, the colors and the slightly clocked form.

Last year I had the opportunity to be a guest curator at the addictive site. One of the more fun assignments in my book. Here, some of my favorite Etsy Shops:


Next to come at the Etsy place, Vintage Children’s books.

And next week, Pop Up in the Studio.

How old are u? Pictures and short interviews with selected artists, journalists, designers, photographers.

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Bebop and Uppercase

Stopped by the shop window of Bebop on my way home from Hagabadet today. Look at these perfect lamps. The store was closed so this is how close I got to them.


Always worth stopping for, the range of Bebop. Did a post about Bebop once, here.


Once home I enjoyed the latest issue of Uppercase magazine. The article about splendid illustrator Lena Sjöberg is written by me.


Illustrator, Anna Emilia. Enjoy her blog too.

One more day to go on the Fine Little Day giveaway. The ABC poster or Otto’s Mountains towel.

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I’m a guest curator at Etsy

This was almost too much for me. I’m a guest curator at Etsy. Could have continued for days.

I’m always on the lookout for playful, quirky, handmade things. When I’m surfing Etsy I mainly look for items that are unique and original. It’s nearly impossible for me to search without getting stuck; there is just so much drool-worthy stuff to look at.

See the whole post here :)

More Etsy favorites of mine.

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Candy like

Bought them all. Would be nice as pendants on a bracelet?

Kieth Shore has a new site.
Enjoying Kelly Lynn Jones.

(Last post, I bought the folding stool!)

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2011/04/14 Flea

Bought one of these finds. Guess which one.

Don’t forget about Miszkomaszko‘s  giveway.

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Good way to unwind

A flea trip and a dinner meeting yesterday, got me some energy back.

That nice painting, don’t know where to hang it though. Maybe it would fit well in the country house. Only 12 days before we go there to open it up for spring. How I’m I suppose to wait.

The suspenders, if they only were in my size I would wear them. At least I think so.


Little Nordic, a new online magazine.

Jenni Rope has been busy, peep at her first textile print for Marimekko (coming autumn/winter 2011) here. See her exlusive prints for Little Paper Planes here. More Jenni news at her webpage.

Was suppose to blog about Mette’s knitted sweaters last week but forget about it. See the awesome collection here.

Have you seen Lena Corwin’s gorgeous maps book.

New online shop, Specks & Keepings. Find handmade nice things like this Dot Cardigan, Launch Sac and bowl.

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Got a belated Christmas present yesterday from a dear freind, the sweetest little shoes. Wonder if she knew that is was two right shoes. Book from Nathalie Lete, owl from Otto.

Spiders on drugs.

Fick en försenad julklapp igår från en kär vän, de sötaste små skor. Undrar om hon visste att det var två högerskor. Bok från Nathalie Lete, uggla från Otto.

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