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We do not necessarily worry, but we are thinking a lot. About how things will be when the little one comes. As I understand it Brittish Shorthair is a tolerant and “easygoing breed of cat”. And the Devon Rex prefers company. The prospects are good, she is a she + she is a kitten. We will phase them together, step by step. That’s how you suppose to do it, right?

I’m also wondering if the Monstera leaf will survive. It’s been a week now.

Take a look at Mogu Takahashi’s doodle’s and be inspired!

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Your best tips wanted

I know that I’m not the only cat lover who feel guilty about depriving the indoor cat of natural instincts, sunshine and fresh air. Even if there are statistics that indicate that indoor cats have a longer life and better health, the lack of (?) physical and mental stimulation is a concern. Our cat (Devon Rex) is a curious one, move a vase and he will be busy for half an hour. But the truth is he is not the easiest one to play with. Any tips on cat games are welcome.

Jumbo Teacup Kitten.
What do you know about Kitten Marshmallow, are they really that small?

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He looks uninterested. But he is not.
September, soon October.


Gallery Magnus Karlsson has the best artists. Like Hans Lanner, Kent Iwemyr and Mamma.

This iPhone dock.

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Took a trip to the beach this afternoon. Trying to soak up as much sun as possible (we have had so little of it this summer). When we came home a brand new issue of Uppercase had arrived. Especially enjoyed Jen Causey‘s photographs of children’s book illustrator Oliver Jeffers‘ studio. And Ingela Arrheniu‘s article about Deborah Beau (Kickan & Conkers). Speaking of finder of treasures Deborah, have you seen her shop?

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Guests coming soon

He still thinks he owns the world, Hiro. Even if he’s been a better sport today. Being a “boss” seems to have done good to his self-confidence. Look at him standing there in the window bold and brave, waiting for our midsummer guests.

Cute Finger Puppets, by Lazy Animals.

Other Etsy favorite, Four leaf Clover Cufflinks.

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Is that the way to do it?

Hiro use to be the scared one, always. But not anymore. Now he is the one who dominates and set the rules. At least he seems to think so him self. Our cute, sweet friend Jax (who is staying with us here at the country house this week) is a bit too shy (and scared?) to say no. I’m not sure how to deal with this behavior, or if we should deal with it at all. My husband keep telling the cat to be a good sport, and move him gently but firmly to the side when Hiro gets grouchy. He’s never been physical though (at least not yet). Me on the other hand keep telling the husband to let them be so they can “solve” it them selves. But I don’t know is that the way to do it? Actually I have very limited experiences with animals as a whole.

Alessandra’s shop Knots is filled with goodies.

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Morning snapshots

He celebrated 11 years yesterday, our son. It was a good and happy day. I gave him these. To his father’s consternation. Maybe not so wise. But fun!

Our cat is about 27 years old. Accordning to this calucalutor anyway. He was a little little one here. But the ears was big.

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“Indeed, what is wrong with the cat?”

When our decorated Malm dresser finally make it to Apartment Therapy, the cat got all the attention. Ha.

Hiro him self is rather indifferent though.

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I see you


Is it not strange. I’m not the one who is cuddling most with him. I’m not the one who plays with him. And I’m not the one who feeds him (anymore). I’m the one who cuts his claws, and I’m the one who shut him out (from my room when he is totally annoying). But anyway! Poor cute, faithful constant companion.


This scarf over at Totokaelo.

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October swim

They actually did it.
While me and Hiro stood on a safe distance.

Coming, a guest post from Kauniste.

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