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Didin’t won

Joseph Frank fabric “Bows”. 6 ready-made curtains / panels.

In the night when everyone is asleep I’m browsing Lauritz. This floor lamp by Jean-Louis Domecq, this clothes hanger and this doll house. But I have everything I need, really.

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God morning. Off to my new dayjob, here :)
Towel calender from Kauniste.

Jaime Rugh.
Cookie boy, thanks for the tip Julie!


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Dark, grey and rainy in Sweden right now. I don’t like early mornings in general,
but now it’s really tough to get up in the mornings. This cloth cheer me up a bit though.

Lesser Gonzalez.

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He wanted “torgvantar” (what is that kind of mittens is called in english?)
this morning so he cut off the tops, and gave them to me. Perfect for my window cake.

Darling Clementine’s giveaway will be open to October 19.

lala ladcani.

Premiär för ny jultradition på
Röhsska – Julmarknad i Wernstedtshallen.

Jul på Röhsska,
10 –12 december 2010

Är du yrkesverksam formgivare? Vill du vara med och sälja dina alster på julmarknaden i december?
Maila för mer information!

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Tea towel. Hanna Konola for Suvi Ainoa, love it. Here, another one.
Will look so good in our little house. Thanks so much Yanyan :)

Handmade at a new blog, C sathal.

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Painted stone from Tovalisa. Handprinted towel from Kauniste.

I love visiting Claire Loder’s blog and home page.
Else worth repeating – The Bird & Banner blog + Atelier pour enfants.

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Peep of a new design coming to the shop later this summer – a pillow case called Rain.

This was a fun assignment. Unfortunatley this evil little thing was hiding in the grass that day
and bit me. So now I got the disease Borrelia :( But I belive in luck, and hope to get rid of it soon.

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Found, book from 1952 “The art of socilize with girls” with text like “How to propose to a girl”.
Found 2, textile, pretty much in the same theme – Lady and the tramp.
Middle pictures, infill.

Megan Whitmarsh Feature.

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New sofa?
No, new (old) blanket. I have two of them now these blankets, look.
One in the studio and one home. Honestly spoken I had forgot I had one.

Naths recycled plates.

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Something happens when you blow up textile/weave details like this. Beautiful, isin´t it.
There is a lot of huck weaving on internet, here for example.


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