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Örnbergsauktionen 2014

“Breaking New Modular System” by Uglycute.


“Puck” by Carina Seth Andersson.


“No Title” by Maria Kristofersson.


“Ordinary Pixel” by Anna Nordström.


“Nazca/Cocos” by Hilda Hellström.


“Ice Fake Marble” by Kakan Hermansson.

There is still time to bid (until 7 February). Örnbergsauktionen.

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Treasure by Claire Loder

Handmade by the inimitable Claire Loder. L o v e.


We are leaving for (hopefully) some snow up north. And a date with a newborn. Talk soon.

Don’t miss the Kuma tea towel in purple and green over here.

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Sunday – Ceramics glory through windows

There are few things that can make me drool like handmade ceramics. In the neighborhood, not far from where I live there is a ceramics school. I love to pass by their windows and peek into all the glories that are produced. Some of the ceramic seem to stay in the house. There are things that have been there for years. One can not help but wonder who made them.

More great ceramics.

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Heads in America

Claire Loder is my idol. Now she will be showing a small collection of sculptures (including the piece above titled ‘Lippy’) alongside Wesley Anderegg and Cheryl Tall at Obsidian Gallery in Arizona until 5 January 2014. More about the exhibition here. And Claire’s blog.


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Straight from the cleaners, ceramic Laundrymats

Lauren Rolwing is an illustrator that have just finished her first line of ceramics called Laundrymat. She created a series of plates inspired by prints, garments and her clumsiness that always leads to spilling things on her clothes, especially coffee. Each plate is created by hand, by imprinting the clay with a garment.

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Claire Loder has a shop

Great news, ceramic artist Claire Loder (big time favorite of mine) has finally opened a shop! Good thing nr 2 – there is a giveaway going on over at Claire’s blog.

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Starling Brood ceramics

You who have followed for a while knows how much I love ceramics which obvoius handmade touch.

The Starling Brood ceramics are handmade “in Brooklyn, NY and sometimes a cabin in the woods”. Artist Mihaeko began the story of Starling Brood 2010 when she worked with singer Björk to design a series of musical instruments.

The Asteroid collection.

Also take a look at the work of:
Makoto Kagoshima
Jessica Hans
Maria Kristofersson

A n d, the amazing collection of ceramics at the Mr Kitly shop.

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Magic by Jenni Touminen

In the truest sense – she is multi talented, Jenni Tuominen. Graduated as a blacksmith in 1996. Went back to school and became an artist in 2001. Studied graphic design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Won Marimekko’s “Design, Meet the User!” competition in 2006 and has designed patterns for them ever since. Obviously, she has the ability to make magic with clay as well.

These treasures. Just can not stop look at them. So characteristic, weird and perfect. What a trade.

Take a peep at Jenni’s home here.

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Jenni Tuominen’s ceramics + Napa & Paja

I’m browsing my new (returning) sponsor Napa’s channels and stumble over this, what it looks like, exciting project Napa & Paja.

Napa & Paja is a jewellery designers’ studio & shop with Napa‘s artists’ bookshop. Paja features a varied selection of hand crafted jewelry by Elli Hukka, Kokoru and Bird of Passage. Napa’s bookshelf features a special selection of artists’ books by Napa, Corraini, Nieves, mmmg etc.”

What really takes my breath away is these ceramic creatures by Jenni Tuominen. Gosh, must be the best since this project. Related in a way.

More great over at Napa, the pencil necklace!

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Handmade ceramic planter

By Jessica Hans, over at Mr Kitly. Of course. Love
And look at these linen throws.
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