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Book by Malin Gabriella Nordin

One of my favorite contemporary Swedish artists Malin Gabriella Nordin has made a book Private Language.

Nordin invited a group of children were invited to discuss and interpret her collection of sculptures. Each child was met individually to discuss the collection. The children gave their thoughts and added their own drawings and directions. The results of the interaction is shown it this book. Utterly great in every way!

See more photos and get it here.

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Amazing children’s book from 1945

Drömlandet by Mollie Faustman must be the most precious children’s book I’ve found out there. Just look at the illustrations!


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Wild animals book

It’s Saturday and I’m looking in a 32 pages of bled-out watercolor book by Dutch artist Rop van Mierlo Wild animals. A favorite book from the shop.



Suits children as well as adults according to me. Another naive favorite book Vart ska du gå? by Jockum Nordström.

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Renovated books

Creative new-life reuse. Got to like, very much.

“Renovatedbooks are unique one-of-a-kind handmade books that can be used as a journal, notebook, diary, sketchbook, scrapbook, wedding guestbook, cookbook, camping toilet paper book, booster seat, or whatever else suits your fancy”. Renovated books

And Hilda’s book clocks.

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Instagram – illustrated children’s books

Take a look at Illustrated children’s books.


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New children’s book by Siri Ahmed Backström

The rather small book publisher Urax has gathered some of Sweden’s most upcoming talented children’s book illustrators at the moment. Siri Ahmed Backström‘s new book Syskondagen contains the most exquisite drawings. The illustrations has a charming soft pastel, retro feeling in them which I like very much. Pick up a copy here.

Another thing, the drew clothes in the book – want them all.

Looking for more nice illustrated books? Check out Fine Fine Books and on Instagram Illustrated Children’s books.

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Children’s book “Maraton”

We are so glad to present this wonderful book, Maraton in the shop by talanted illustrator Karin Cyrén. Karin has studied Graphic Design & Illustration · Storytelling at Konstfack  University in Stockholm, Sweden.

“I want my drawing to be fast. I think planning and sketch work are important, and a good thing, but they give me the creeps and my patience soon runs out. What drives me is the feeling I get when a picture is finished. It’s the best feeling in the world, and the reason I’m attending this college is to make sure I experience this feeling as often as possible.

Marathon runners are chasing another feeling, but it is maybe similar. A feeling of managing something almost superhuman – of beating yourself. My project is about a marathon. For a brief period I’ll be drawing more than I’ve ever done before. That’s my marathon.”

Maraton is a textless picture book about a marathon that runs through a very diverse landscape.

The book won gold in the Swedish contest Kolla! 2010 and was described by the jury as “an evocative panorama of large and small with room for a new story at every reading.”

Also, check out this amazing tape by Karin (maybe in the shop further on ;)

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New children’s book by Christian Robinson

“There are just 78 words in RAIN! but the manuscript submitted to editors had more than 1,000 words.” Take a look at author Linda Ashman’s manuscript and storyboard for the new book RAIN! here.

I’ve post about illustrator Christian Robinson‘s children’s books before. I really like Christian’s way of working with collage and painted colors in blocks.

Get the book here, for example.

Thisispaper Shop.

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A less offensive name

Ok then. The name on our new blanket/pattern is changed!

I admit that “Prick” was not the ultimate name to choose. E v e n if it means Dot in Swedish. Thank you Instagram people and you who emailed and pointed this out. Actually we did discuss the name (belive it or not) back and forth when we realized the established meaning in English. But then we thought about our pillow cases Gran and Barr which has Swedish names, and was hoping for a “forgiving” way of reading the word. Ha ha.

Well, as said it is changed now. The new name is DOT. And there is a book with a new name as well.

Funny food names (tack Pelle).

Lilly Wood and the Prick. Good music, thanks Claire.

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New patterns and a little book ♥

Lily is her name. And then there is Prick. I belive they live in the same forest, although their houses are quite far apart. Lily, something of a dreamer and Prick the more rational. Sometimes they visit each other.

Might be the beginning of the book? Lily and Prick are two new patterns of ours. Baby blankets in turquoise, red and yellow. Like a summer day, but would also warm a little one on a more chilly autumn day. Take a look at the yellow versions as well here.

There is also a book. Could be something to go with a blanket, or on its own. It’s a book with an open story, where the directions is up to you. The thought is that you make your own story with help of the pictures, conversation, imagination and questions, together.

Preview it over at Blurb.

Hope you like what you see. And don’t forget to enter our pillowcase giveaway before Wednesday 22 May. Wish you all a great coming week.

UPDATE “Prick” should we change it?? Prick means dot in Swedish but yes we realized what it can mean in English. Since we have the Swedish words GRAN and BARR in our earlier products we kind of wanted to have the same line. It keep coming reactions about the name though, ha

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