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Da Matteo & Amalia Kenamets

The Da Matteo cafés are definitely the best ones in town. Coffee drinkers, including the husband, says that the coffee is exceptionally good here. The hot chocolate is tasty as well, speaking from own experience. Friendly staff and great atmosphere. Yes this is a good place to go if you are up to a fika in Gothenburg.

The combination Da Matteo + Amalia Kenamets was a treat when we went to Sprängkullsgatan’s Da Matteo (there are three Da Matteo cafés in town) on Sunday. Amalia Kenamets is an artist who works with sculpture, painting and textiles. The exhibition is up until 30 Januari, 2014.

+ Worth a visit alone is the amazing theater chairs (?) upstairs.


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Instagram favorite – Brydie Brown


Ah this is so beautiful. Fabric mâché handmade art and more, at artist Brydie Brown’s Instagram. Unique pieces from recycled materials and vintage fabrics, also in her shop.


Want to try Papier-mâché with fabric your self? Learn how to here.

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Heads in America

Claire Loder is my idol. Now she will be showing a small collection of sculptures (including the piece above titled ‘Lippy’) alongside Wesley Anderegg and Cheryl Tall at Obsidian Gallery in Arizona until 5 January 2014. More about the exhibition here. And Claire’s blog.


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Graphite 1 / Mona Johansson

I’ve stumbled on them a couple of times, lithographs by Swedish artist Mona Johansson (born 1924). Could not resist this one when I found it at flea a couple of months ago, portraying our neighborhood and all, you can even glimpse our house in it.

Here another one.

Speaking of graphite. This wallpaper, still going strong.

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German Howitzweissbach has done it again. “Wooden Organic Silk meets smooth hand-painted Cotton.”

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Sculpture: Torbjörn Vejvi

Above “Hatt folk” by Torbjörn Vejvi.

“Torbjörn Vejvi creates sculptures that explore subtle existential relationships between form and memory, introspection, and everyday life.”

Kind of want to play.

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Tape Mandala

Clare Skill is an artist working in London. Clare “enjoy recording the coming and going of everyday life using the beauty of Mandala”

I like this installation of MT tape.

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Claire Loder has a shop

Great news, ceramic artist Claire Loder (big time favorite of mine) has finally opened a shop! Good thing nr 2 – there is a giveaway going on over at Claire’s blog.

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Olle Olsson Hagalund


Swedish artist Olle Olsson Hagalund 1904–1972. Some day I will go to the museum. Interior here.



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News from Claire Nereim

Go and check out Claire Nereim‘s new prints Melons and Hilo Beauty. I’m still in love with The Seasonal Fruits of California-poster which hangs in our country house now days. The Wildflowers poster is also amazing, well they all are. There is a new blog to take a look at as well Plant Planet.

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